Saturday, April 4

did u miss the directions

I am still waiting for my prince charming
my knight in shinning amour
the tall dark guy
with eyes for no one but me
the one i'll love forever
i feel like he's so close... he's not lost is he?
maybe he is, and too stubborn to ask for directions
am i silly for believing that he'll come?
i know for sure i'll recognize him when i see him
like he'll know me before seeing my face
yes i said before seeing my face
cos he'll love me for me... for being so... me
not for being 'me' do u catch my drift?
just as i love loving him even before i fall in love with him
he'll probably be a shy person
maybe he doesnt even like poetry...
or he's obsessed with games
(i really hope not)
but if dat be the case... well who cares?
i'll love him anyway
for him...
so am still reading da romance novels
da historical romance, the medical romance, the impossible romance
and wondering
how will my love story with you begin?
will we tell everyone how u lost ur way and didnt ask for directions :)
wherever it is that you are
am blowing you this kiss
and waiting for the day we will meet for the first time

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