Sunday, April 19


yup! dats what i said
in a place where all the ridiculous and attrocious things lift their heads
what better name to call it than ridiculous city
am sorry but for the next couple of days am gonna be talking about guys
yeah guys... those lovely bronzed out, six packed boxes (with a red ribbon on top)
and all the problems they come with.
yes and all the problems they come with
did i mention all the problems they come with?
right now i have a friend who is pulling her hair out of their roots cos of a
*brace yourself people, here it comes*
a guy with the label 'boyfriend', under section skirt-chaser
what else is new?
a cheating boyfriend is as old as ridiculocity itself
and a lot of beautiful, strong ladies are trampled by this evil monster called love
that my dear is NOT love
open ur eyes babe and smell (no not da coffee... pleaaase?)
the perfume on his collar... the way his eyes wander when your girlfriends are around
that, my dear is not love, that is a man.
a man
he is not to be worshipped
and believe me when i say u will not be struck by lightening if you leave him
so why are you scared to walk out of his life?
its amazing how some people act dumb about their sweethearts escapades
u know he is doing all that he is doing... and yet you stay???
babe? no really? babe???
u deserve better,
i know u have your messed up days
i know sometimes you area total nutcase
but u deserve better
but u wont get better until you get rid of this terrible stain in your life
you are not tied to him

and no lesbianism is not da answer...
but thats talks for another reading


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