Wednesday, April 22

sorry but i tried to keep this in...

... and i couldn't. why do some people just chose to be so immature and attention seeking? facebook is not a place to air your dirty linen and talk about your messed up relationship.
ur love-life is pathetic? so are three quarters of the relationships out there.
u need to know where am coming from
A guy wrote a note: A long note about his ex girlfriend
cool. he always has the saddest status updates ever.. you know, going on and on about how relationships suck and how girls are liars and how he can never trust anyone.
excuse me... but if i can recall well, the facebook status uploader asks whats on your mind right now?
you cant tell me those are the only things that are always on your mind
how about an ambition?
listen am not dissing anybody here, i am just saying, everyone has an opinion, and like the one you are reading right now they all stink.
so telling your 1,234 friends on facebook the day you met her, outlining your conversations with her, what she says... what she did, how she broke your heart....
come on
you are just seeking for attention and pity and thats so sick
cos you are better than that
and even though you say something else
that note clearly prooves to me that you are not over her
and unfortunately she has clearly moved on

opinions are like armpits: they all stink

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