Monday, May 18

And for today...

For Today.....

Outside my window... it is a sunny and warm day. Its Victoria day so there's no school, most people are outdoors, am still in my room.

I am thinking... my accounting test for next tomorrow, and the golf fund raising dinner for tomorrow... hybrid assignments due tonight

I am thankful for... each new day and the good times along with the challenges that each new day brings us. Ultimately what doesn't break us only happens makes us stronger. I am thankful for my family

From the kitchen... dinner with be rice salad, chicken souvlaki

I am wearing... white shorts and a pink tee

I am reading... Accounting by Jeffery Slater and Cupid Inc. by Michelle Bardsley

I am hoping... that my meeting with my boss will go well on tuesday

I am creating... a workout plan for myself

I am praying... that everything goes well.

Around the house... everyone seems to be awake, not that am really sure, but the washing machine is on, so someones doing laundry.

One of my favorite things... is just being able to sit quietly and have some time out for myself to gather my thoughts.

A few plans for the rest of the week... complete my marketing blog, well not complete, write more in my marketing blog, i wanna wash my hair and style it as well and study some more. oh i also have to go grocery shopping

Here is a thought I am sharing with you... always be yourself

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naija shawty said...

i love my alone time too