Friday, May 22

How to make a Flambee

So today i feel like sharing a beautiful recipe with you
one of my very favorite desserts

A cherry flambe jubilee

A flambe is any food that has liquor poured on it and ignited to burn off the alcohol and give it a flavour

for this particular one you'll need
  • cherries (preferably canned cherries from your grocery store)
  • sugar (about a table spoon)
  • butter ( a full tablespoon scoop)
  • cherry liqueur
  • Brandy
  • An orange cut in half
you heat your pan put some sugar and after a minute you add ur butter picking the orange with a fork you stir your mixture for another minute, then you add your cherries along with some cherry juice from the can and you continue stirring as much as you can to get the citrus flavour. you tilt ur pan upwards so that all the liquid is collected at the bottom and you heat the top after about 30 seconds you remove from heat and pour an ounce of brandy

MAKE SURE YOU STAND BACK AS YOU RETURN THE PAN because there is going to be a huge flame which is da best part of the show :-p

pour a little cherry brandy over it for some flavour and serve over ice cream

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