Wednesday, May 6

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I never imagined that school could get this hectic just two days after resumption! I used to complain that i did not have enough time for myself, now i don't even have time, as in t-i-m-e.
okay so what's new in my life?
no first of all what has been getting my attention?
umm... on the news stands H1N1, Swine flu has changed name. Number of death cases is on the increase.
Kim Kardashian has cellulite, and that's news? imagine? people should leave that babe alone, shes human... just human. To more relevant things, my job is going on fine, school is even better... but very hectic.
Anyway its all good.

* Story of the day
Yesterday i woke up feeling very lazy, that's what staying up late, watching wolverine with friends and making so much noise, nobody hears the phone ringing does to you, ohh i digress, as i was saying, i woke up, spent longer than usual in the shower, more time than necessary dressing up, when i finally decided that i had spent enough time shuffling and pacing around my room i decided to go catch my bus.

then, the devil, okay now stop, the devil had nothing to do with this, i decided to follow a different route because i thought it was 'shorter' so my early morning walk to my stop, that was usually 3 minutes took me 41 minutes. I am not kidding, 41 minutes. 21 minutes wwalking to this 'stop' i couldn't find and another 20 minutes walking back to my original stop, thinking... i need starbucks!
*moral of the story* the shortest route is not always the best route

well duh!

on something more interesting, my friend got back from england yesterday with his boyfriend, it was so good to see him after what? 10 days? he is going to NY tomorrow, so he is officially resuming school next week

I think i am becoming weird, either i am losing my touch or am losing IT, whatever IT is.
I can't read novels anymore, and that dear reader is s-a-d
i just pick or buy one, start reading the first page, flip to the middle, go to the last, then i read the reviews again and i drop it on the shelf along with the rest of my 'unread collection'
sad huh? i know

secondly, i can't watch movies to the end - aloneT

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