Wednesday, May 6

steam and fire! (letting it out part 1)

If you haven’t guessed by now I, dear reader, am a Muslim. The only ‘religion-of-the-book’ that, for all the trying of its pseudo-leaders, has not yet shunned half its following into the cold, palmy grip of atheism. Ultimately, I have to agree with the Big Guy that sex should be more than the forgettable strand of meet, drink, penetrate, and squirt that the vast majority of men (heteros and homos alike) have decided to make it. I’m not necessarily waiting for it to play out like an Olsen twins film, nor am I necessarily waiting for marriage (though that is an option). I’m just saying I don’t want to be bamboozled Spike Lee style.

As I see it, I have one of two options. A: The Frosh-girl route or some less-humiliating-but-equally-depressing variation thereof. You know what I’m talking about. The fresh-from-Toronto girl in the bathroom of 737 screaming to her friend, “Ohmigod, I TOTALLY lost my virginity to him and now he doesn’t even know my name!” Her friend’s genius advice: “Whatever!! Just get really drunk and be like, ‘I don’t care!’” Wow. Is this what feminism was all about? Because Gloria Steinem and I did not sign up for this shit.

Which brings us to option B: dating other virgins. Shockingly, these moys – the man-boy species unique to university campuses – do exist and they’re not all living in their mother’s basements sending anthrax through the mail (take note: that was y’all white folks). There’s only one problem: mostly they’re too damn conservative. Granted, I pray five times a day and fast during Ramadan, but I’m not about to start wearing a hijab just to be considered a “woman of virtue.” I cover my hair. sometimes.I’m also not going to dump my gay bestfriends. I am a lady of virtue enough.

there is more to a relationship than sex.

sex, that's for my next post

sweetness xx

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