Sunday, May 24

Tattoo: An indelible mark

Today my post (inspired by is called Tattoo

Names wont be down only initials to save the not-so-innocent
All relationships (including those you deny leave some sorta mark on you whether you admit it or not)
so am gonna make a list of guys (and maybe girls) that have taught me a lesson or three in the years past

B.A and all 'royal crew', former neighbors... they left a tattoo in my mind barely 13 then, watched them change their girls like tee shirts, tossed them around and without knowing i just saw guys as human species not meant to be trusted
A.U mister fine guy, my 1st serious toaster, he left a tattoo, still can't decipher what.
U.I my high school crush and he never knew! he left a tattoo of a pen on my right hand, he was a beautiful writer wrote da most amazing things, funny enough i started writing cos of him, we were friends, he was 'prom-king material' and we talked about everything except us, we had da same problems and different solutions
U.B my birthday mate and best friend, became friends when i was 17 but i never met him until 3 years later... he left a tattoo on me... somewhere on my head, my forehead taught me to believe in myself and to care for other peoples feelings
M.M my first love, first kiss, first (and only) i-hate-how-much-i-love-you, he left a tattoo on my neck, nobody sees it, even me, except when am alone, looking at da mirror, then i touch my neck and smile
J.M my girlfriend, left a tattoo i after all the crying i did for her, with her
i will not make the same mistakes that you did i will not break the way you did you fell so hard
i promised myself i was never gonna let a guy hurt me da way she hurt, the way she cried
F.M my tweeny and her boyfriend A.Y made me believe in true love, the unconditional type
A.Q her new boyfriend made me change my perspective on the 'forever kinda love'
C.B made me realise that some people can just fall deeply in love with you for no reason at all

sweetness wouldnt be sweetness without all these people...
who messed up my sweet naive mind
made me run from what i thot i cud avoid
love myself
appreciate people
understand everything


naija shawty said...

thats a very sweet composition. just like tattoo, the marks they leave are forever.

Chi-Chi said...

nice post!