Friday, May 1

things i really wanna do

i haven't blogged in a while and that's because i have been unusually tired
anyway i was in the elevator yesterday going back to work from lunch and i realized that i wanted to kiss in an elevator!
yes simple
a kiss
but i really want to
of course he has to be a fiiiiine brother, my boyfriend, husband, crush woteva
but the deal is i wanna kiss in an elevator before i die :-)
well right now i don't know the kinda kiss i want it to be, maybe the relaxed, easygoing kiss that continues after the elevator stops, and the doors open and close again and you don't care because you are so into the kiss and who you are kissing, or... the fierce hurried kiss that breaks off as soon as da ding of the elevator sounds and the people coming in don't realise the steamy business that was going on... hmmm i can't decide yet. but the bottom case is i-wanna-kiss-in-an-elevator!
while i was creating different scenarios for my first elevator kiss i also decided that i wanted to kiss in the rain (sad as it is, i have never done that) so, now i have said it. I, sweetness would like to be kissed by my one true love in the pouring rain... hmmmm
i really should stop reading historical romance and get rid of those temptations, desire and blaze... those books



BSNC said...

lol be careful what you wish for because it might just happen..

sweetness said...

i wish!


Elevator kiss with a stranger. Kissing in office elevator is the one I’d go for. Now, there’s this hott gyal on the 3rd floor I’d been wanting to kiss… I've kissed everywhere but never in an elevator. I might try it, soon. I might be elevated to new height of ecstasy, then into endless debauchery. Then, I’d write a best selling guide for 'kiss in elevator newbies', “How To Quickly Seduce And Kiss A Total Stranger In An Elevator” … Thanks for putting the idea in my head :)

sweetness said...

ur welcome :)
aah everywhere huh?
u shud say everywhere except two... da elevator and
under water