Friday, May 22

This week... so far

This week was my best in a long while
Had a holiday on Monday
the golf fund raising dinner on Tuesday
worked late till past 11pm
slept with a migraine (yeah its back)
woke up 4 hours later to review for my accounting test
classes on Wednesday were fab
The test was great
The meeting with my boss went well yesterday
I learned how to make flambes!
unfortunately i cant eat them cos they have alcohol
but who cares? i had lots of ice cream instead with lovely cherry toppings while everyone else enjoyed the flambes...
Nikolay is teaching me Russian :)
nd Anastasia and myself have been inserting little words like privet, pa'ka :)
oh well just da basics, dont worry in 3 months i will be sending you postcards from Russia
anyway am so happy its friday
am gonna watch a movie in ma room tonight
read a novel... pamper myself and all that
hmmm... facebook is becoming boring
oh yes i wanna watch The Game... again
right now am watching Gossip girl

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