Monday, May 25

On TV: my favorite commercial

Today in my Marketing class, we were devising strategic ads for specified products.
Based on either humor, repetition or just plain annoying, and we were asked to analyze and talk about our favorite commercials ever.
Lo and behold! i could not come up with a single decent Ad i could share with the class, because, guess what? my favorite commercials are either chocolate commercials with half nude men scantily covered or condom Ads.
i said it
condom Ads
is it only me or has anyone noticed that Condoms (after Chocs of course) have the funniest commercials on TV?
well and for some reason, i always stumble across them- for a reason i dunno... yet?
boredom perhaps.
or a hunger for something different

anyway back to Choc Ads...
my topmost favorite is the Sexiest Ad for the Sweetest thing
that's just for the record
i kinda like hilarious commercials, humor based Ads than anything.
The type that kinda make you wonder what the Ad is about and when it gets to the end you go like " are you kidding me?"
And as everyone knows funny things are usually the sexist, racist or stereotyped ones, so i wasn't ready to share my private jokes with the class (syke!!!)
so i had to think of the plainest Ads i had ever seen that managed to get a smile from me
so i finally settled for a Nike commercial the Hot dogs one
everyone thought that was hilarious
and in my mind i was like "if only u knew... i just goggled it 3minutes ago"
nevertheless i enjoyed it.
i mean, who wouldn't think the guy was trying to save the Cart
but ketchup?? okay really i did not see that coming

but anywhere there you are!


deola said...

wow! cool

My World said...

Babe,I no understand how you come know JD,ooooooooooo.
I love a few TV commercials as well.

flabby said...

i really like commercials!!

but all the people in jd commercials are tv ugly:(

beautyinblack said...

u actually made me search youtube 4 condom ads
and u are sooo ryt
i have always liked chocolate ads

RocNaija said...

Lol @ not being able to share the ad's you really liked..

Can't seem to be able to view the youtube link you put up for some reason.. :(