Wednesday, May 20

Twins with two different dads... weird?

While getting ready today, this interesting news on TV caught ma attention. "A pair of twin baby boys were miraculously born with DIFFERENT fathers." no way you are kidding me right?

But it is true, eleven-month-old Justin and Jordan Washington were born seven minutes apart but, in an amazing twist of fate, they are only half-brothers. (at this point i was like WTF?!)

Their mother, name withheld (but if you insist its Mia) upon questioning said she had an affair with an unidentified man :-p.The truth came out when Mia visited Clear Diagnostics DNA Lab after noticing that the twins had different facial features.

And yours truly, *sweetness* decided to do a little medical check on that and i found out that it could indeed happen, but dear reader, you won't be reading about a case like this again... definately not in this lifetime because it happens only once in a (cant remember the fraction here, but oh well...i won't insult your intelligence am sure you understand)

Twins with separate fathers is called superfecundation. For this to happen, medics (no no not the ones in the picture above) say two things have to happen:

1. You have to ovulate twice (dizyogtic).

2. You have to have sex with different men within a couple of days of ovulation. This can be either on the same day or some days apart, as sperm can survive for many days. Multiple ovulations happen in about 1% or more of all ovulations, more so when you take ovulation-inducing medications.

How often a woman has sex with different men on the same day or within a couple of days of each other is anyone's guess.

am not judgemental so... but i was just wondering

*...and on da side...*

i was looking for a perfect pic for this post and voila! Greys Anatomy came up (ding!) ha bless, love triangles dont get betta than those in ma favoryt show ;)

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