Saturday, June 27

Neda Michael and Farrah

Neda, for your vote, how did u end up all bloodied on the side walk
Michael, always misunderstood, what was the coolest thing before the moonwalk
In the 70s Farrah as Jill Monroe was the talk
Neda while sitting in the heat of that car, did u imagine the heat was gonna get worse, only this time in your heart
Michael what went through ur mind the first time you looked at the mirror and saw your new self for the first time
Farrah did u ever meet Michael

Michael. I think his best look was the thriller look
I think he looked so hot in do u remember
I think his best video is smooth criminal
I think his best song is heal the world. why... because of the message
I love Liberian girl, its a personal favorite.. or is it you and i alone, or lost cildren, or speechless *sigh*
I am listening to better on the other side
A tribute to MJ chris brown, the game n boyzIImen

Its amazing the life he lived
Yes he wasnt perfect
well you are are not either
On a good day, i will list 20 of my favorite musicians and MJ would not even be in the list. I liked him, yes, i loved all his songs but oh well, he was never on my favorites list, he was a regular voice in my house, i grew up watching him, saw people idolize him. Laughed at the MJ jokes but suddenly they are not funny now, were they even ever funny at all... i wonder.

RIP Michael.

And yes my birthday was fab!

Thanks to all the lovely people around me, The best surprises ever.
I had fun, and i talked to UB....

Tuesday, June 23

Hedonism II

As promised, here's the video for Hedonism II
the one i was talking about ran for 10 minutes of bare bronzed glory
this is a summarized version
but u can always check Google for more gist
like i said
i am gonna have ma honeymoon here
i might update this post when i wake up
or not...

much love :)

Sunday, June 21

Updates on everything

First off all i apologize for being AWOL and MIA
mid semester exams

this is going to be so random
my birthday is in 4 days
so is aunapturals :)
its great havinng a birthday mate on blogsville

I have been listening to broken strings
been reading my school books and cosmo

everthings going on fine
i love fridays- todays sunday by the way
facebook is so boring signing in hurts
cant remember the last time i updated my status

i think i have a cold. I hate it when people dont do what they know they should do
its funny when you can see right through people
when you know what they want
and you act so... naive. ha

movies... the proposal
i need... a new hair do
i want... to sleep
i love... beyonce
i am thinking of...making noodles

i want to blog about ub

i will update more updates when i wake up
bonne nuit :)


ahaa so i am awake now :D
i had a weird dream. i always have weird dreams
anyway Anastasia wants to take my pictures for her spring collection
i have always loved her skills at photography so i was practically blushing when she came up to me
we are doing a light test tomorrow at Roman's studio
and pictures during the week :D

Before that i joined the Goodlife gym close to school
okay before that i got a 3 day free membership
and i saw that the place was good, better than other gyms i went to check out
I started on Pilates and Aerobics.
cos thats all i need, my mom will probably kill me if i lose more weight

The other day out of sheer curiosity i walked to school and back
it was not bad at all, Listening to all my favorite songs and bouncing along, i was home soo fast! i did not take the normal route, i went through Queensway and Iris. (sorry i am sure this is soo random to you)
Infact i have decided to jog to my gym and back twice a week

Today is tax-free sales at Walmart

Yesterday me and Esay got in touch with our *Hausa* side, heaven knows i am tired of wearing jeans every damn day lol
We dressed in complete trad attire. Headgear, matching jewellery, veils and all.
So many people kept looking at us when we went into the grocery store, a couple of people smiled and complimented our regalia lmao
Someone asked to take a picture... flattering but awkward :-D
we went to a friends house, played halo, tekken and mortal combat and i was winning.

i love blogsville, and i am amazed at the beautiful ways people write. bless!

so much 4 updates on the past week
oh theres more!

Does anyone know about Super Clubs?
I am going to look for a promotional video and put it up for you guys
They own Grand Lido, Beaches, Breezes and. Hedonism II and III

Hedonism II
hmm i cant shout
We had this for one of our case studies in class
and i suddenly wanted to go to the Caribbeans for a weekend

***places i want to go to***
**st Domingo** Dubai** Vatican city**
and Hedonism

in case you know Hedonism, don't look at me like a bad person
its a semi nude beach, yeah, but that's not why i am going there. i just think it is a very beautiful place, i may be really comfortable with my body, proud even- but i do not have that guts! (... yet) lol
ha ha i am going there for my honeymoon
really it is a fantastic place, just wait till you see the video
it kinda has bad publicity unfortunately
which was why it was a case study in my class

anyway more about the Hedonism soon

lunch is calling me

****sweetness**** kiss kiss

Monday, June 15

5 hours at Chapters

Please read all instructions and warnings before going ahead.
Must be 18 years of age or older to proceed further.
Enter at your own risk.
all resemblances to any person living or dead is definitely intentional

It was raining when i got home, i finished classes earlier than usual. Bracing my self. " hi!" i said with tooo much enthusiasm to no one in particular, i ran down the stairs dropped my books on my bed all the while thinking.. "why do we always have people over? eww
i got my wallet, pulled off my jacket and reapplied my lip gloss.
that was it. i was going out. i need some me time.

Chapters is just a 6 minute walk away from my house, traffic and all, but i did not walk there. reason? cos i did not feel like :-)
I love Chapters and i always will, went into the Starbucks next door i got a cup of coffee and went into my secret haven. Chapters
I love chapters, i have said that like 10 times already so i am sure you can tell.jeez i love books
I started scanning through everything
Biographies, romance, bestsellers. and more
i came back to fiction
The twilight series...
I wanted to get an Edward and Bella poster for Esay but i did not find something different than what i saw in other places.
So i went to a quiet corner and dropped my bag (bad move- nothing happened though, just dont try this in a public place) and i went back to the books

Then i saw L.J Smith.... i haven`t seen those books since high school
Dark angel, secret vampire and all those lovely back-from-the dead stories that made me fall in love with vampires, warlocks and sexy werewolves - you cant blame me. I was 16 then.
Eventually i settled for Dan browns Angels and demons, i read the book last year, and i watched the movie like three weeks ago, and the one i picked had pictures of the Vatican city and churches aah all those interesting names St Peters et al will have images now. Have i ever mentioned that i would love to go to the Vatican city.
I was scanning through the prologue when i got to my seat. My bag was were i kept it, but on the seat a few feet away was a guy, an old guy. He looked french, for some reason my mind went to BSNCs post about rednecks, then he raised his head and said hello, he was in his 60s i guess, i smiled and said hi, and he commented on my dress, he said its unusual and lovely, asked what it was called. Well i was wearing one of these tunic-like dress-like tops my mom sent to me 2 weeks ago, it was brown with long flowing slit sleeves. Very simple. but nice.
As i sat down and tossed my empty coffee cup in the bin he said
i have a lovely smile *blush blush*
okay so i hear that a lot
i have one of these annoying smiles that you cant describe
i was like thank you (and smiled again- Abeg oh i just couldnt stop it)
nice choice... Dan brown
oh yeah, he is one of my favorite i mumbuled
pardon my saying, he continued
although i have read his other books i have not had the chance to go through this particular book... but one thing you should remember is that it is purely fiction, some people tend to get carried away by all they read

i did not bother telling him that i had read the book before, i just said smiled, said i was going to remember that and i started reading

reading and noting the differences from the movie
Vittorias absence during her fathers murder in the book and her finding his body in the movie
the hassasin was replaced by some white guy (phew!) i guess the director did not wanna show an arab as the killer of 3 bishops, there is too much religious crises in the world already
I was around page 73 when the guy next to me offered me some nutribar
i smiled again and said thank you but i was fine, then he gave me a book and asked if i had read it, it was The charlie wilson war by George crile i told him yes and we got talking about it and the movie (tom hanks and julia roberts)
he asked if i was a student and he told me he was a university professor
we talked for a little while more
After another hour he asked me where i was from, I said Nigeria and he said wow! he was from Egypt!

Egypt. i was like, he doesnt look...
like an egyptian
he was like he hears that all the time
we laughed about it and went back to our books

In the movie the Carmelengo went on the helicopter alone. In the book, he was with Robert Langdon.
My new friend was then curious to know the religions in Nigeria saying that Egypt was predominated by Muslims, and i told him the best about Nigeria.
We got talking more about religion and he told me a sad story
about his old sweetheart
she was a muslim and he is a christian,
a very long and sad story
i was looking at this 60 something year old man
sitting on a chair in Chapters, telling me a story about love
the way his eyes twinkled when he talked about her, the way he smiled when he told me all they did to beat the odds, the way he eyes filled when he talked about her parents, his family, their plans to abscond, her arranged marriage,a year in prison, and finally making the hardest decision he has ever had to make in his life
letting go

He was silent for some seconds after that, staring at nothing
you could hear a pin drop. And i could see love in its purest form
in the form of this old man. living in her memory

and i will always love her he said
I was moved.
i was sad.
I was happy that such love exists.
happy that someone was capable of loving someone so much with more than his body and soul. with ALL of him.
i was sad.
i was happy that her memory not only made him smile, but made him proud. he said i will always love her with so much pride, she seemed like some goddess to me already. And i wondered
where is this love

I need to be in love with someone like madly in love with you i do not care about the world
i don't care what anyone says
not just loving somebody because... oh well. just because
i need to love someone because i love that person, not just because they love me
i need to love someone not caring if he hurts me not because i know he wont hurt me
I need to love him enough to tell him about my blogs

All the while i was looking at this stranger who's name i did not even know and all i could do was smile and tell him i understood his pain. But i did not!
I got to the last part of the book, and on page 443, there was my answer to an argument
... killed the light
i wonder how many times i have to tell them it is proper grammar, they dont agree. well here it was again. In a novel.

We spoke a little Arabic *wink!*
and he told me i was the 2nd muslim he was meeting in chapters that week. I joked that he had an affinity for muslims and he laughed telling me that i should come to chapters more often, he enjoyed our conversations, i said i was gonna try. He had to go to home depot to pick something for his house. His name is Bob and his arabic name is Raèuf. Like me, he is humble (he said so, not me!)
likes books, has a sweet tooth, is African,(his mom is German though, and his dad must have been an almost white Egyptian cos he was practically white!) and loves Chapters

When he left read the last pages of the book. its quite sad, the ending... when the best laid plans end up as a crumbling mess... the carmelengo lost all he had and wished for
Bob lost who he loved and longed for

I walked back home
pity i wouldn't be going back to chapters anytime soon
mid semester exams


Monday, June 8

this and that

My nephew's naming ceremony was on Sunday, his name is Muhammad - i knew long before that that was gonna be his name :)and if it was a girl, she was gonna have my name. yeah, that is how much i am loved :-p
its so sad that am not gonna be holding my baby nephew anytime soon, so all i can do is look at the pictures and sigh

i loove babies, the way they smell... their yawns, their tiny little fists
their eyes, the twinkle in them when they laugh
when i was like 13 or so, my cousins wife brother's wife had a baby soo cute, i fell in love with him like the first time i saw him, he was probably a couple of months then
(his mom was real pretty too) and i liked her

i used to rush home immediately after school so that i could look at the baby (u can't blame me, i am the last child of my parents)

His name is Mohammed too
My dads name
My boyfriends name is Mohammed
My ex boyfriends family name is Mohammed

Talking about my ex
Do you remember girl
I was the one who gave you your first kiss
Cause I remember girl
I was the one who said put your lips like this

(and first boyfriend)
everything i hear reminds me of him
songs we used to listen to together
songs we used to love
Cds i made him listen to (even though he hated them lol)
it felt just like yesterday
u were a part of me
i used to stand so tall
used to be so strong unbreakable like nothing could go wrong....

i think he is the only guy i know that likes Kelly Clarkson

being with you is so dysfunctional
i really shouldnt miss you
after all i choose to let u go

but i still hear your voice in every TI, Kanye, and lil' wayne song i hear
Since I've lost you I'm lost too
Nigga feeling like he at the bottom like a horse shoe
Sorry for the trouble that I put you in your heart too
God knows that I'll do anything for a part 2
Hard to be friends for the day you come back to me
Sayin that you forgive me
give me another chance I'm needing it like a kidney
I don’t want a advance
give me back her hands give me back her touch
I don’t ask for much, but I fucked up
I know I fucked up, I admit I fucked up, but everybody fucks up

who ever imagined moving on could be this hard
maybe staying friends was not such a good idea
cos everytime we talk
it like we are wondering if we made a mistake

dammnit i miss you
reality is a bitch
i will never admit it to you
or anyone else
and it kills me to know i cause you so much pain
but u know u fucked up
you even admitted you fucked up
so i guess
its so much for my happy ending

i watched 'drag me to hell' this weekend
and that was an achievement
i dont watch horror movies
where i gathered the courage from, i dont know
but i missed the best parts
cos i just pushed ma popcorn aside
and buried ma head between my legs -
as usual

i used to hate lil wayne
hmmm wrong choice of words
i used to not like lil wayne
then i listened to shot thru the heart
once twice
and another
and another
there are still some songs of his that i cant stand
but truth be told
i love the ones i love

i have a couple of assignments to do
and if theres any more to write ill be right back
but for now.... theres nada
stay alive


Vampire Crush

piercing eyes... unsmiling
never bothered by the jostling around him
one glance in my direction sends my heart into a thousand spasms
he remains unfazed. humourless
totally extreme and almost divine finesse
he walks with the grace of a lion- a predator
looks upon everyone else like mere mortals

i find myself drawn to him
like he is the trigger
to the reason for my destruction.
staying away
and going one step closer to him
avoiding him, and yet being everywhere he is

so, i am in the library reading
...significant fields of study in microeconomics include general equilibrium, markets under asymmetric information, choice under uncertainty and economic applications...
then i felt it... this suction
a sudden rush of cold
isn't that a bad sign?
closed windows, closed doors and unexplainable cold
doesn't that mean a ghost is near or something?
ghosts that...
there he was
sitting right across me
dropping his books on the table

he was actually glowing
i swear am not crazy! i wasnt seeing things
was it the light above him?
but i was not glowing
nobody else was.
there he was perfect- like some greek god
so close
His eyelashes curled downwards
what? eyelashes??
damnit sweetness
what are you thinking??

i glanced down
oops! those arms...
running his fingers through my locks...
his hands around my waist
pulling me closer.
snap back to reality!
okay. so i have to leave this place. like right now.
i should get water
no not water. gum
yes. chewing gum
and i looked up
he was offering me gum... with a smile
"care for gum?" he repeated
a smile that made him look like he did not belong to this world
perfected his perfection. oh my he was gorgeous

and he is a vampire!
how else did he read my mind?
how did he know i wanted gum?
i read that vampires can control you
control your mind and make you do anything they want you too
i should get out of here fast!
"sure" the voice did not sound like mine
"thanks said the voice again as i watched my hands stretch to reach for the gum he was offering


Wednesday, June 3

Steam and Fire: letting it out part two

Thanks everyone for the comments on my last post
the baby is fine
ur far too kind :)

Serious (and really unnecessary Rant) Alert

I will seriously love to apologize for the terrible mood i am in right now.
for the mood that only got worse cos i tried to cover it
by smiling
and being nice
and nodding my head
and pretending i understand
that its okay
when i don't, when its not

and they wont even let me be alone when i need to be
my only line
to sanity...

okkayy so. i was sitting in class and minding my own business, not talking to anyone, looking at my computer screen and the guy beside me yawneeeed wiiiiiide. with his mouth wiiiiiiide open. while checking something on my computer screen
imagine who does that anymore? who does not cover their mouth when they yawn ehn?
as if i did not have enough issues on my mind already

and now i remember this guy that used to pick his nose... pity cos he was cute. unfortunately

okay okay am not always like this
most times...

oh today i did something *ehem* harsh?
i dunno
i met a couple of peeps, the usual introductions. names. handshakes.
and... i refused to shake his hand
cos they... they looked sweaty
and he had dirty fingernails
i did not leave his hand floating in mid air
what am i saying?
of course dats what i did
i mean, i did not make it look too obvious
i tried not to make it too obvious
i started looking for this 'thing' in my bag
like immediately after i smiled and said hello

i could not even help myself
it was like reflex. so fast

am not a bad person really...
and no i don't have OCD
i guess...
i just don't like dirty fingernails
sweaty palms
definitely not on one of my not-so-good-days

am aaaarghing so much it sucks
*double sigh*

i wrote a poem, in between classes
a weird poem
but i love it, i'll post it tomorrow
it is called For a Girl
talk about weird weirdness lmao

have you ever come across people who do not weigh what they say before it actually leaves their mouths?
and the sound they make, just creates this uncomfortable silence cos you are
a) so embarrassed for them
b) or too angry to comment
or if you are like me. get sarcastic.
that burns i tell you

am sure am not the only one
am positive there are people who hate ringing fones.
*awkward silence*
oh ok then
i hate ringing fones. sometimes
back in Naija. i could switch off my Fones for a whole week
reason: just because
sometimes u just don't wanna be available

God am something else
i really should stop typing
i'll be better in the morning
and i'll blog about something blog-worthy like
i dunno like 'blog-worthiness'

ohh by da way
my neighbor has this motion-sensor sprinkler
not a good thing to come across at 7:30am while rushing out
as soon as u are close
close = on the other side, minding your business, checking your wristwatch and totally unaware it just goes WHOOOOOOOOSSSSSH

*deep breathe*

anger management, lol i shud blog about that soon
but angry at what?
yucky mood


Monday, June 1

my absence

First things first
am an aunt!
my big bro and his lovely wife had a baby on their wedding anniversary, bless!
oh and by the way, he is my only brother and am the only girl so that makes this bundle of cuteness (i have been over using that since Saturday)more than special to me

my absence: dats the reason right there. Danielle Steele... again
i got 4 danielle steele novels 5 days ago, Amazing Grace, Zoya, Heartbeat and Promise
. needless to say, sweetness has read all these books twice or thrice already and as usual, whenever i get them in my hands, i read them again - and again. weird huh? i know!
Of all Danielle Steele's novels, Promise is my favorite
My best
and in true Danielle Steele fashion, tears r always shed during the course of curling up and reading this awesome awesomeness (?)Lmao

oh there were also a couple of random Harlequins and Blaze (i told y'all i was a sucker for these things)

But i have been stalking peoples blogs as usual, finding more and more interesting things and dammit i love blogsville *sigh*

And i have been listening to old songs... no. like really old songs anyway that is just by the way
I made Coffee Flambes the other day

I watched Wolverine and i only loved Hugh Jackman even more
I watched Angels and demons and i think Ewan Mcgregor out shined Tom Hanks

Today is Es*ay's birthday... lol
am counting down to mine
Oh i have a second birthday mate - on blogsville
My first birthday mate
lol story for another day
but that is a loooong story

luv luv... sweetness