Monday, June 15

5 hours at Chapters

Please read all instructions and warnings before going ahead.
Must be 18 years of age or older to proceed further.
Enter at your own risk.
all resemblances to any person living or dead is definitely intentional

It was raining when i got home, i finished classes earlier than usual. Bracing my self. " hi!" i said with tooo much enthusiasm to no one in particular, i ran down the stairs dropped my books on my bed all the while thinking.. "why do we always have people over? eww
i got my wallet, pulled off my jacket and reapplied my lip gloss.
that was it. i was going out. i need some me time.

Chapters is just a 6 minute walk away from my house, traffic and all, but i did not walk there. reason? cos i did not feel like :-)
I love Chapters and i always will, went into the Starbucks next door i got a cup of coffee and went into my secret haven. Chapters
I love chapters, i have said that like 10 times already so i am sure you can tell.jeez i love books
I started scanning through everything
Biographies, romance, bestsellers. and more
i came back to fiction
The twilight series...
I wanted to get an Edward and Bella poster for Esay but i did not find something different than what i saw in other places.
So i went to a quiet corner and dropped my bag (bad move- nothing happened though, just dont try this in a public place) and i went back to the books

Then i saw L.J Smith.... i haven`t seen those books since high school
Dark angel, secret vampire and all those lovely back-from-the dead stories that made me fall in love with vampires, warlocks and sexy werewolves - you cant blame me. I was 16 then.
Eventually i settled for Dan browns Angels and demons, i read the book last year, and i watched the movie like three weeks ago, and the one i picked had pictures of the Vatican city and churches aah all those interesting names St Peters et al will have images now. Have i ever mentioned that i would love to go to the Vatican city.
I was scanning through the prologue when i got to my seat. My bag was were i kept it, but on the seat a few feet away was a guy, an old guy. He looked french, for some reason my mind went to BSNCs post about rednecks, then he raised his head and said hello, he was in his 60s i guess, i smiled and said hi, and he commented on my dress, he said its unusual and lovely, asked what it was called. Well i was wearing one of these tunic-like dress-like tops my mom sent to me 2 weeks ago, it was brown with long flowing slit sleeves. Very simple. but nice.
As i sat down and tossed my empty coffee cup in the bin he said
i have a lovely smile *blush blush*
okay so i hear that a lot
i have one of these annoying smiles that you cant describe
i was like thank you (and smiled again- Abeg oh i just couldnt stop it)
nice choice... Dan brown
oh yeah, he is one of my favorite i mumbuled
pardon my saying, he continued
although i have read his other books i have not had the chance to go through this particular book... but one thing you should remember is that it is purely fiction, some people tend to get carried away by all they read

i did not bother telling him that i had read the book before, i just said smiled, said i was going to remember that and i started reading

reading and noting the differences from the movie
Vittorias absence during her fathers murder in the book and her finding his body in the movie
the hassasin was replaced by some white guy (phew!) i guess the director did not wanna show an arab as the killer of 3 bishops, there is too much religious crises in the world already
I was around page 73 when the guy next to me offered me some nutribar
i smiled again and said thank you but i was fine, then he gave me a book and asked if i had read it, it was The charlie wilson war by George crile i told him yes and we got talking about it and the movie (tom hanks and julia roberts)
he asked if i was a student and he told me he was a university professor
we talked for a little while more
After another hour he asked me where i was from, I said Nigeria and he said wow! he was from Egypt!

Egypt. i was like, he doesnt look...
like an egyptian
he was like he hears that all the time
we laughed about it and went back to our books

In the movie the Carmelengo went on the helicopter alone. In the book, he was with Robert Langdon.
My new friend was then curious to know the religions in Nigeria saying that Egypt was predominated by Muslims, and i told him the best about Nigeria.
We got talking more about religion and he told me a sad story
about his old sweetheart
she was a muslim and he is a christian,
a very long and sad story
i was looking at this 60 something year old man
sitting on a chair in Chapters, telling me a story about love
the way his eyes twinkled when he talked about her, the way he smiled when he told me all they did to beat the odds, the way he eyes filled when he talked about her parents, his family, their plans to abscond, her arranged marriage,a year in prison, and finally making the hardest decision he has ever had to make in his life
letting go

He was silent for some seconds after that, staring at nothing
you could hear a pin drop. And i could see love in its purest form
in the form of this old man. living in her memory

and i will always love her he said
I was moved.
i was sad.
I was happy that such love exists.
happy that someone was capable of loving someone so much with more than his body and soul. with ALL of him.
i was sad.
i was happy that her memory not only made him smile, but made him proud. he said i will always love her with so much pride, she seemed like some goddess to me already. And i wondered
where is this love

I need to be in love with someone like madly in love with you i do not care about the world
i don't care what anyone says
not just loving somebody because... oh well. just because
i need to love someone because i love that person, not just because they love me
i need to love someone not caring if he hurts me not because i know he wont hurt me
I need to love him enough to tell him about my blogs

All the while i was looking at this stranger who's name i did not even know and all i could do was smile and tell him i understood his pain. But i did not!
I got to the last part of the book, and on page 443, there was my answer to an argument
... killed the light
i wonder how many times i have to tell them it is proper grammar, they dont agree. well here it was again. In a novel.

We spoke a little Arabic *wink!*
and he told me i was the 2nd muslim he was meeting in chapters that week. I joked that he had an affinity for muslims and he laughed telling me that i should come to chapters more often, he enjoyed our conversations, i said i was gonna try. He had to go to home depot to pick something for his house. His name is Bob and his arabic name is Raèuf. Like me, he is humble (he said so, not me!)
likes books, has a sweet tooth, is African,(his mom is German though, and his dad must have been an almost white Egyptian cos he was practically white!) and loves Chapters

When he left read the last pages of the book. its quite sad, the ending... when the best laid plans end up as a crumbling mess... the carmelengo lost all he had and wished for
Bob lost who he loved and longed for

I walked back home
pity i wouldn't be going back to chapters anytime soon
mid semester exams



Sir Scribbles II said...

Numero Uno on dis looooooooooong post lol!!

Sir Scribbles II said...

First of all I love d way u write, secondly I loved the some other universe the guy wud have started hitting on you...unless it's a work in progress...nd it's his ultimate plan...I blab don't mind me lol...Gud luck wiv ur exams

sweetness said...

lol he's 40 something years older than me
i hope not ohhh
cos he looks to nice to be a perv

BBB said...

hey interesting somewhat review on the book..
the man sounds nice..just like someone u can have an intellectual discussion with...

sweetness said...

he sure is
and oh yeah the book is fab
i think its better than the vinci code BBB

RocNaija said...

"..Killing the light".. As in switching it off?

Or what argument where you in?

Inspiring post... In a way.

sweetness said...

yeah RocNaija just that
and some peeps there wer like hell no
it wasn't proper grammar
i was like excuse me?