Monday, June 1

my absence

First things first
am an aunt!
my big bro and his lovely wife had a baby on their wedding anniversary, bless!
oh and by the way, he is my only brother and am the only girl so that makes this bundle of cuteness (i have been over using that since Saturday)more than special to me

my absence: dats the reason right there. Danielle Steele... again
i got 4 danielle steele novels 5 days ago, Amazing Grace, Zoya, Heartbeat and Promise
. needless to say, sweetness has read all these books twice or thrice already and as usual, whenever i get them in my hands, i read them again - and again. weird huh? i know!
Of all Danielle Steele's novels, Promise is my favorite
My best
and in true Danielle Steele fashion, tears r always shed during the course of curling up and reading this awesome awesomeness (?)Lmao

oh there were also a couple of random Harlequins and Blaze (i told y'all i was a sucker for these things)

But i have been stalking peoples blogs as usual, finding more and more interesting things and dammit i love blogsville *sigh*

And i have been listening to old songs... no. like really old songs anyway that is just by the way
I made Coffee Flambes the other day

I watched Wolverine and i only loved Hugh Jackman even more
I watched Angels and demons and i think Ewan Mcgregor out shined Tom Hanks

Today is Es*ay's birthday... lol
am counting down to mine
Oh i have a second birthday mate - on blogsville
My first birthday mate
lol story for another day
but that is a loooong story

luv luv... sweetness


beautyinblack said...

okay personally i missed u...
keep doing ur thing sweetness

miss.fab said...

Awwww congrats to your brother and his wife! Oh, and er... you too!

Omg Wolverine was so good it inspired a Twitter spam from my end, lol

Thanks for coming by!!! :D

BSNC said...

Conrats aunt sweetness.

yes danielle steel's novel are always say. i think i have read all you listed except heart beat.

sweetness said...

*miss fab*
thanx a bunch ;-)

heartbreak is gud hope u get tym to add it to ur list of fave books

juiceegal said...

Congrats babes
And i used to read a lot of danielle steel b4 uni became unbearable now i dnt even read novels again.
Now its summer hols so mayb il rekindle my love for novels...1st time here,ur blog is nice.

sweetness said...

aww thanxx
nxt tym u grab ur sunglasses, u shud hv a danielle steele with it
4 old tyms sake :)

RocNaija said...

Congrats on the lil' bundle of cuteness...
Great stuff.. So did you get Godmother rights??
Thought of a name yet??

And is "awesome awesomeness" a word? :D

sweetness said...

lol i have no idea
oh yeah i do get godmothers rights ;)
name? not yet :)
'baby' still sounds gud lol