Saturday, June 27

Neda Michael and Farrah

Neda, for your vote, how did u end up all bloodied on the side walk
Michael, always misunderstood, what was the coolest thing before the moonwalk
In the 70s Farrah as Jill Monroe was the talk
Neda while sitting in the heat of that car, did u imagine the heat was gonna get worse, only this time in your heart
Michael what went through ur mind the first time you looked at the mirror and saw your new self for the first time
Farrah did u ever meet Michael

Michael. I think his best look was the thriller look
I think he looked so hot in do u remember
I think his best video is smooth criminal
I think his best song is heal the world. why... because of the message
I love Liberian girl, its a personal favorite.. or is it you and i alone, or lost cildren, or speechless *sigh*
I am listening to better on the other side
A tribute to MJ chris brown, the game n boyzIImen

Its amazing the life he lived
Yes he wasnt perfect
well you are are not either
On a good day, i will list 20 of my favorite musicians and MJ would not even be in the list. I liked him, yes, i loved all his songs but oh well, he was never on my favorites list, he was a regular voice in my house, i grew up watching him, saw people idolize him. Laughed at the MJ jokes but suddenly they are not funny now, were they even ever funny at all... i wonder.

RIP Michael.

And yes my birthday was fab!

Thanks to all the lovely people around me, The best surprises ever.
I had fun, and i talked to UB....


Lolia said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday :)


BSNC said...

where is our cake, glad you had fun.


Sassy Trends said...

Happy burthday in arears gurl.

sweetness said...


~Chocolate and Caramel~ said...

i don't know why i am just insensitive to micheal's death, i try so hard buh it's just not bothering me, i gues i am death-proof for a reason now. My mum weeped lol. Glad u had a wonderful borthday!

leggy said...

i wasnt going to comment on any micheal stuff on blogville but anyway...m glad u enjoyed ur birthday.