Wednesday, June 3

Steam and Fire: letting it out part two

Thanks everyone for the comments on my last post
the baby is fine
ur far too kind :)

Serious (and really unnecessary Rant) Alert

I will seriously love to apologize for the terrible mood i am in right now.
for the mood that only got worse cos i tried to cover it
by smiling
and being nice
and nodding my head
and pretending i understand
that its okay
when i don't, when its not

and they wont even let me be alone when i need to be
my only line
to sanity...

okkayy so. i was sitting in class and minding my own business, not talking to anyone, looking at my computer screen and the guy beside me yawneeeed wiiiiiide. with his mouth wiiiiiiide open. while checking something on my computer screen
imagine who does that anymore? who does not cover their mouth when they yawn ehn?
as if i did not have enough issues on my mind already

and now i remember this guy that used to pick his nose... pity cos he was cute. unfortunately

okay okay am not always like this
most times...

oh today i did something *ehem* harsh?
i dunno
i met a couple of peeps, the usual introductions. names. handshakes.
and... i refused to shake his hand
cos they... they looked sweaty
and he had dirty fingernails
i did not leave his hand floating in mid air
what am i saying?
of course dats what i did
i mean, i did not make it look too obvious
i tried not to make it too obvious
i started looking for this 'thing' in my bag
like immediately after i smiled and said hello

i could not even help myself
it was like reflex. so fast

am not a bad person really...
and no i don't have OCD
i guess...
i just don't like dirty fingernails
sweaty palms
definitely not on one of my not-so-good-days

am aaaarghing so much it sucks
*double sigh*

i wrote a poem, in between classes
a weird poem
but i love it, i'll post it tomorrow
it is called For a Girl
talk about weird weirdness lmao

have you ever come across people who do not weigh what they say before it actually leaves their mouths?
and the sound they make, just creates this uncomfortable silence cos you are
a) so embarrassed for them
b) or too angry to comment
or if you are like me. get sarcastic.
that burns i tell you

am sure am not the only one
am positive there are people who hate ringing fones.
*awkward silence*
oh ok then
i hate ringing fones. sometimes
back in Naija. i could switch off my Fones for a whole week
reason: just because
sometimes u just don't wanna be available

God am something else
i really should stop typing
i'll be better in the morning
and i'll blog about something blog-worthy like
i dunno like 'blog-worthiness'

ohh by da way
my neighbor has this motion-sensor sprinkler
not a good thing to come across at 7:30am while rushing out
as soon as u are close
close = on the other side, minding your business, checking your wristwatch and totally unaware it just goes WHOOOOOOOOSSSSSH

*deep breathe*

anger management, lol i shud blog about that soon
but angry at what?
yucky mood



juiceegal said...


juiceegal said...

Abeg u were not harsh jo,why shld u shake sum1 with sweaty palms and dirty fingernails.....ewwwww
PPle like dat lack tact,they just talk without thinking,sometimes its funny
Make sure u post the poem 2mrw o.

BSNC said...

lol it doesn't take much to close your mouth when you are yawning..

at least you didn't know make it look so obvious by looking for something inside your bad.

I feel you, i just wonder were those hands have been.

we are waitng for the poem

naija shawty said...

in high school, my sidey (the girl who sat beside me in class) had sweaty palms. jeez! we were friends but i dint like her touching me or my stuffs. the worst situations were those countless times she had to pass things to me from other pple.

sweetness said...

infact, its something else...

honestly dear with da way they were looking i did not even let my thoughts wonder to where n where they've been lol

*naija shawty*
lmao and then u HAD to collect it lol

thanxx guys :) xx

miss.fab said...

Lol!! That's a funny post... what is it with rants today??

Haaaa that sprinkler would not have been funny oh!! Me I would've cursed out the sprinkler, its owner, and any unfortunate person that just happened to be walking past, lol. After taking my time to get dressed and look fresh. Hiss.

leggy said...

first time here...and girl!!u sound like me when im angry nothing makes sense at all and everyone try there best to mk me angry.nice blog!!

sweetness said...

:) its probably something in the air...
babe that sprinkler is ending in hell. sure thing. the number of early morning curses it receives lol

thanxx girl xx

RocNaija said...

Hmm so you dont like guys that yawn without covering the mouths.. pick their noses.. have sweaty palms.. have dirty fingernails.. and don't think before the speak..

I have a surprise for you..

So does nearly every other woman on earth... :D

Anonymous said...

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