Monday, June 8

this and that

My nephew's naming ceremony was on Sunday, his name is Muhammad - i knew long before that that was gonna be his name :)and if it was a girl, she was gonna have my name. yeah, that is how much i am loved :-p
its so sad that am not gonna be holding my baby nephew anytime soon, so all i can do is look at the pictures and sigh

i loove babies, the way they smell... their yawns, their tiny little fists
their eyes, the twinkle in them when they laugh
when i was like 13 or so, my cousins wife brother's wife had a baby soo cute, i fell in love with him like the first time i saw him, he was probably a couple of months then
(his mom was real pretty too) and i liked her

i used to rush home immediately after school so that i could look at the baby (u can't blame me, i am the last child of my parents)

His name is Mohammed too
My dads name
My boyfriends name is Mohammed
My ex boyfriends family name is Mohammed

Talking about my ex
Do you remember girl
I was the one who gave you your first kiss
Cause I remember girl
I was the one who said put your lips like this

(and first boyfriend)
everything i hear reminds me of him
songs we used to listen to together
songs we used to love
Cds i made him listen to (even though he hated them lol)
it felt just like yesterday
u were a part of me
i used to stand so tall
used to be so strong unbreakable like nothing could go wrong....

i think he is the only guy i know that likes Kelly Clarkson

being with you is so dysfunctional
i really shouldnt miss you
after all i choose to let u go

but i still hear your voice in every TI, Kanye, and lil' wayne song i hear
Since I've lost you I'm lost too
Nigga feeling like he at the bottom like a horse shoe
Sorry for the trouble that I put you in your heart too
God knows that I'll do anything for a part 2
Hard to be friends for the day you come back to me
Sayin that you forgive me
give me another chance I'm needing it like a kidney
I don’t want a advance
give me back her hands give me back her touch
I don’t ask for much, but I fucked up
I know I fucked up, I admit I fucked up, but everybody fucks up

who ever imagined moving on could be this hard
maybe staying friends was not such a good idea
cos everytime we talk
it like we are wondering if we made a mistake

dammnit i miss you
reality is a bitch
i will never admit it to you
or anyone else
and it kills me to know i cause you so much pain
but u know u fucked up
you even admitted you fucked up
so i guess
its so much for my happy ending

i watched 'drag me to hell' this weekend
and that was an achievement
i dont watch horror movies
where i gathered the courage from, i dont know
but i missed the best parts
cos i just pushed ma popcorn aside
and buried ma head between my legs -
as usual

i used to hate lil wayne
hmmm wrong choice of words
i used to not like lil wayne
then i listened to shot thru the heart
once twice
and another
and another
there are still some songs of his that i cant stand
but truth be told
i love the ones i love

i have a couple of assignments to do
and if theres any more to write ill be right back
but for now.... theres nada
stay alive



miss.fab said...

Lil Wayne is the love of my life. It used to be T.I. but while he's in jail, Weezy is taking his place, lol

Awwwww @ reminiscing on your ex. I feel you hon. *hugs*

Omg Drag Me to Hell looks demonic... nobody on earth can convince me to see that movie!

miss.fab said...

Oh... and... first!!!

sweetness said...

lol miss.fab
dats what i said too...
but alas!i found myself in the cinema

*hugs right back*
its one of those days dear

naija shawty said...

oh exes. i try to ex their memories from my life. u wud get over it tolly. no scratch that. u will be fine remembering it

BSNC said...

i love everything about babies too. They are just the most adorable little things..

sweetness said...

*naija shawty*
lol thanxx dear :)

u know....

aunaptural said...

I thin my bio clock has been ticking loudly lately. Every time I see a cute baby, I have this thought of "Awww. I want one". And then I snap out of it because I don't fancy wiping someone else's bum. LOL!

As for the ex... It gets easier with time.

Sassy Trends said...

Coooliooo... their tiny fist, their soft and warm body...
Oh babies... I wanna have mine too

Nice piece swtss


juiceegal said...

I love babies,they are so cute.
Wts with the muhammed name?? lol
Its normal to think about good times u had with the ex,it becomes a prblm wen its unhealthy.

sweetness said...

and diapers ryt?

*sassy trends*
sigh... everything. thnxx

hmm lets see?
i think its the most used male name in northern naija lol
unhealthy? aah i rebuke it oh lol

leggy said...

i feel u no be small oh...i love TI..ill listen to the lil waynes song though.aww..for ur chance at all?of getting back together?and ur muslim?

sweetness said...

nah dat is a closed chapter dearie
friends. we are now. n frnds we shall remain
lol leggy yeah am a muslim

Lolia said...

I love babies tooooooooooooo!

Meanwhileeeeeeee, this is my first time on your blog and I like it already parce que {amongst other things} you quoted Usher :)

RocNaija said...

Sounds like someone got it real real bad..
I feel you on lil weezy.. Some songs make sense.. And some others just leaving you scratching your head..

BBB said...

hey firtss time here,
loved it..
will def be back.
i love babies too.
and i have been thinkin of them for some time... cant wait to have mine( at the right time of cos)

whats past is past and is probably past for a reason...

Tairebabs said...

I love babies too. People say it is because I don't have one yet...that the love will go down. I don't believe them. Wow...that's a lot of Mohammed's in your life.

Sometimes it is really hard to get over an ex...but time heals all wounds.

sweetness said...

aaah usher huh. great.

but shes well over it, so over it now

aww thnxx hun
ya me tooo!

yeah tym heals all wounds