Sunday, June 21

Updates on everything

First off all i apologize for being AWOL and MIA
mid semester exams

this is going to be so random
my birthday is in 4 days
so is aunapturals :)
its great havinng a birthday mate on blogsville

I have been listening to broken strings
been reading my school books and cosmo

everthings going on fine
i love fridays- todays sunday by the way
facebook is so boring signing in hurts
cant remember the last time i updated my status

i think i have a cold. I hate it when people dont do what they know they should do
its funny when you can see right through people
when you know what they want
and you act so... naive. ha

movies... the proposal
i need... a new hair do
i want... to sleep
i love... beyonce
i am thinking of...making noodles

i want to blog about ub

i will update more updates when i wake up
bonne nuit :)


ahaa so i am awake now :D
i had a weird dream. i always have weird dreams
anyway Anastasia wants to take my pictures for her spring collection
i have always loved her skills at photography so i was practically blushing when she came up to me
we are doing a light test tomorrow at Roman's studio
and pictures during the week :D

Before that i joined the Goodlife gym close to school
okay before that i got a 3 day free membership
and i saw that the place was good, better than other gyms i went to check out
I started on Pilates and Aerobics.
cos thats all i need, my mom will probably kill me if i lose more weight

The other day out of sheer curiosity i walked to school and back
it was not bad at all, Listening to all my favorite songs and bouncing along, i was home soo fast! i did not take the normal route, i went through Queensway and Iris. (sorry i am sure this is soo random to you)
Infact i have decided to jog to my gym and back twice a week

Today is tax-free sales at Walmart

Yesterday me and Esay got in touch with our *Hausa* side, heaven knows i am tired of wearing jeans every damn day lol
We dressed in complete trad attire. Headgear, matching jewellery, veils and all.
So many people kept looking at us when we went into the grocery store, a couple of people smiled and complimented our regalia lmao
Someone asked to take a picture... flattering but awkward :-D
we went to a friends house, played halo, tekken and mortal combat and i was winning.

i love blogsville, and i am amazed at the beautiful ways people write. bless!

so much 4 updates on the past week
oh theres more!

Does anyone know about Super Clubs?
I am going to look for a promotional video and put it up for you guys
They own Grand Lido, Beaches, Breezes and. Hedonism II and III

Hedonism II
hmm i cant shout
We had this for one of our case studies in class
and i suddenly wanted to go to the Caribbeans for a weekend

***places i want to go to***
**st Domingo** Dubai** Vatican city**
and Hedonism

in case you know Hedonism, don't look at me like a bad person
its a semi nude beach, yeah, but that's not why i am going there. i just think it is a very beautiful place, i may be really comfortable with my body, proud even- but i do not have that guts! (... yet) lol
ha ha i am going there for my honeymoon
really it is a fantastic place, just wait till you see the video
it kinda has bad publicity unfortunately
which was why it was a case study in my class

anyway more about the Hedonism soon

lunch is calling me

****sweetness**** kiss kiss


Sir Scribbles II said...

If someone had told me 6 months ago that I'd be tired of Facebook I'd have smacked dem in the I don't even remember to check my profile...

Noodles I love, Beyonce I don't

take kia..

sweetness said...

lol i need my face back. i need ma space.
its da same thing everyday guess dats y its boring

Lady X said...

Come to Dubai!! It's fun!!!
Listening to music and walking is the ish!! I absolutely love Beyonce! And that broken strings song is deep! Wow I can't remember the last time I wore trad o, maybe when I go to Naija next month. I have to attend a wedding. I hate weddings!!! Weird for a girl right?

And I like being Naked. I'm always naked in the room. My sister at first found it disturbing LOL but now she's used to it. Sleeping naked is the best. I'm so used to it now that if I actually fall asleep with clothes on I wake up and find that they have miraculously removed themselves from my body. So yes!! I would definately like to go to a naked beach and be naked! IF its only women on the beach of course.
Can't be having men leer at me. No sirree!

sweetness said...

i hate weddings too!
okay not like i hate them
i hate going 4 weddings
i like looking at pix n all
and i love dressing up, nxt month? lucky u

So i heard. all my frnds dat skl der keep saying that, n now lady X uv confirmed it... hmmm all in due time :)

lol Hedonism myt interest u then :)

BBB said...

love beyonce..need a new hair too

totally agree

Emilia said...

i love the picture on the article nice place here

sweetness said...

lol we agree on the same things. nice :D

thnxxx a bunch :)

BSNC said...

happy birthday in advance... Thank goodness everything is going on fine. i am kind of tired of facebook too.

people wanted to take wow

sweetness said...

aww thnxx dearie beginning to have mixed feelings bou my bday sef

tired is an understatement i just deactivated ma account. i myt reactivate it tho... just not soon

*Dith* said...

Lol facebook is indeed getting very boring. i think that's why there are alotta new blogs.

sweetness said...

lol u are so ryt
theres a new blog everyday
and i am so glad

leggy said...

lol....random personified...happy birthday in advance though....busy busy busy pretty girl.

~Chocolate and Caramel~ said... about random! twas fun reading though! happy borthday babe and dont do what i won't!

faB!! said...

**movies... the proposal (SAME. I'm yet to see it tho. Probably 2moro.)
**i need... a new hair do (I need one Sooooooo BAD.)
**i want... to sleep(I'm just about to after I post this)
**i love... beyonce(i Love love her...... and I can tell frm u puttin her Halo music on ur
**i am thinking of...making noodles(that's what I ate for dinner.)

Did I hear Similarity?? Ohh...yes, I did!! haha!

Sassy Trends said...

Happy Burthday in advance love...
and better make noodles fast abi you don chop am finish?
Guess I'm

Luvn it here too..


sweetness said...

lol thanx luv
busy busy beebee girl u mean? :)

*chocolate n caramel*
haha ayt dear, umm lets put it this way
i wont do nuffin i cant tell u about ;)

heaven knows am loving this
okay am looking 4 more

lol babe, U are never late :)
noodles don finish wo

RocNaija said...

Hmm.. Hedonism..
I'm off to google that

sweetness said...

lol u shud. hedonism II ;)