Monday, June 8

Vampire Crush

piercing eyes... unsmiling
never bothered by the jostling around him
one glance in my direction sends my heart into a thousand spasms
he remains unfazed. humourless
totally extreme and almost divine finesse
he walks with the grace of a lion- a predator
looks upon everyone else like mere mortals

i find myself drawn to him
like he is the trigger
to the reason for my destruction.
staying away
and going one step closer to him
avoiding him, and yet being everywhere he is

so, i am in the library reading
...significant fields of study in microeconomics include general equilibrium, markets under asymmetric information, choice under uncertainty and economic applications...
then i felt it... this suction
a sudden rush of cold
isn't that a bad sign?
closed windows, closed doors and unexplainable cold
doesn't that mean a ghost is near or something?
ghosts that...
there he was
sitting right across me
dropping his books on the table

he was actually glowing
i swear am not crazy! i wasnt seeing things
was it the light above him?
but i was not glowing
nobody else was.
there he was perfect- like some greek god
so close
His eyelashes curled downwards
what? eyelashes??
damnit sweetness
what are you thinking??

i glanced down
oops! those arms...
running his fingers through my locks...
his hands around my waist
pulling me closer.
snap back to reality!
okay. so i have to leave this place. like right now.
i should get water
no not water. gum
yes. chewing gum
and i looked up
he was offering me gum... with a smile
"care for gum?" he repeated
a smile that made him look like he did not belong to this world
perfected his perfection. oh my he was gorgeous

and he is a vampire!
how else did he read my mind?
how did he know i wanted gum?
i read that vampires can control you
control your mind and make you do anything they want you too
i should get out of here fast!
"sure" the voice did not sound like mine
"thanks said the voice again as i watched my hands stretch to reach for the gum he was offering



naija shawty said...

sweet, just like ur name.

juiceegal said...

Ha Vampire ke??? We dnt want o
Nice storyline tho.

Sir Scribbles II said...

4rm ghost to greek god to vampire, this dude must be a walking talking walt disney movie!! lol. Ilike d way u write

sweetness said...

*naija shawty*
thanxx dear

infact i am casting n binding as i type :)

Sir Scibbles II
lol thanks

miss.fab said...

Ahahn... seeeeeeeeeeeeeennnn!!!!