Wednesday, July 22

"...and my head keeps spinning, i can't stop having these visions"

'...well he's looking at your toes now, hes gonna do sushi with them!' and
'aah i did not read her note on facebook i just 'liked' it so she'll be happy'
yup. she gives me joy. i can laugh all day if es*ay isn't watching another movie, her favorite pastime

My presentation went very well thank you.
Last night i was blasting oldies with loove
chaka chaka: thank you mr dj for playing my song....
am burning up, am burning up... my heart is on fire, am burning up....
this is from me to you
all we have to do....

brenda fassie RIP ...its your wedding day its yoooourrr wedding day
i remember past years
how old was i? dancing in the sitting room with my momma
seriously screaming along with all my strength while trying to concentrate on the video...
yup i sang along yesternight too
my lines are even crustier now
aah i did not stop there, i went on to king sunny ade (no not the recent ones like lift nigeria... i like that one too though)
the olddd ones, i remember my mom used to have them, and play them.... jeez happier days. i dont know the words but just listening to them after years made me feel so... content
like some moments are yours they can't be taken from you ever...
i went on to listen to oumue sangare's ah ndiya, yes u guessed right, my mom again
and saadu bori... umm my dad this time

so i am feeling kanye west like never before
umm yes am an official jeezy and weezy and yeezy (can i say teezy 4 T.I? no? really?? aww, sad)

anyway i can listen to those four
and MI of course
I haven't watched a hindi movie in a while

i remember my best friend in secondary school she was my namesake
and half indian, she was always going on about this indian mini-god
so one afternoon she calls me
hey switch the channel to Sony
and i did
and she excitedly gushes
"ohh dats him, isnt he adorable?"
it was a head and shoulders ad
weird face
weirder smile
i did not find him cute
she wondered where my taste went lol

so one bright sunny day i had ran out of old movies to watch, then i was rocking RMDs violated and Sandra Achums When the sun sets (they were actually very old when i was in ss1)... i stumbled on this film my friend gave me kuch kuch hota hai
it was translated and so i watched it
3 hours later (yeah they are that loooong)
Three hours and a roll of tissue paper later
red nosed-red eyed and happy that true love was reunited at last
i called my friend, oh my God, i loveee SharRukh Khan, hes so sweet!
"oh yeah? 3 weeks ago u said he was ugly sweetness!"
"oh that was him?.... oh... um i guess he looks better... without dandruff"

jeez. shoot me!

My best hindi movie is (no, not slumdog millionaire, give me a break!)
Taare zameen par (stars on earth), about this dyslexic kid, the disturbing things he went through and how he overcame it, really nice.

I love hindi tearjerkers only if it has SharRukh in it.( only being the keyword here)A dying SharRukh can be a classic
like Devdas or Kal ho na hoo (if tomorrow never comes)

I stay away from the really cheesy ones, which is the reason i havent watched one in a while... Since Black

now that should have been the oscar movie... dont get me wrong i do love Slumdog millionaire too...

My friend Bob (he doesnt like it when i call him this) left for naija today, wish him a safe flight, we all miss him already

***leggy dear, am not sure my comment box will ever be open, i dont really write much when i know am gonna get feedback, i tend to keep somethings inside, thanx 4 mentioning it and i still stalk ur blog... i liked the one on ur sisters especially, by the way marcaroni... nothing too special, u aint missin much. kisses***

I am going to my books now. My books need me, i need my books.
Its gonna be a long night
xoxo sweetness!


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