Monday, July 6

bad day

everything started out perfectly
just perfectly
feeling so happy and looking foward to my day
until my bestfriend JH told me i was supposed to base my information report findings on just one company

rewind to 11:45pm last nyt
on the phone

"hey JH hows it goin?"
"hey sweetness, i called earlier but your cousin said u were sleeping"
they always lie to him
"aah um... am awake now"
"so have you finished you information report?"
"yeah! have you?"
"no, how many companies did u do"
"one... you?"
"three, u are supposed to do three..."
"What? i thought we were supposed to form a group of three people and pick one company for our presentation..."
"no, you are going to pick one out of nine... each person is supposed to do a research on three"
and so i did

and now he just said 9 out of my 14 paged well typed out report were no longer needed
are you kidding me?
*breathe in... whoosaaaah*

my automation test was wonderful except for the last question which i totally screwed up, so much that it hurts just thinking about it
Then i went to my last class 4 minutes late and there was a surprise 5 minute quiz, i was barely on number 3 when we were stopped
never in my life have i submitted a quiz/exam/assignment with less than 80% complete

Just when i thought it couldnt get any worse
after class i reached for my bus pass in my wallet
lo and behold, there was no bus pass
it must have dropped somewhere
and its just the beginning of the month

i dont even wanna think right now cos my migraines sneeking in already


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