Friday, July 10

...thy sting

Built a wall around my heart
I’ll never let it fall apart
But strangely I wish secretly
It would fall down while I'm asleep

This life. Its getting scarier
i am scared of calling my friends back home
everytime i do, they go... do u remember ***?
he is dead, or she is dead
And none of these people is even past 25
its true that the death rate is higher
around ages 16-26
78.56% of the people i know fall in this group
life is too short, am seriously having a rethink on everything, for real
what if tomorrow never comes?
everyday i wake up, i thank God deeply
i am not better than the people who did not see this day
yet here i am. alive
Praise be to him
and everyday we go through a thousand and one death traps
choking on the toothpaste
slumping on the toilet seat
falling in the shower
electrocuted by the hair blow drier
struck by lightening on your way out
getting hit by a car
dying of suffocation in a stuck elevator
food poisoning during lunch
getting shot in the station on your way back home
getting stabbed on the bus
falling down the stairs
seeing a death parcel on your bed- and opening it
or the worst, just letting out one long sigh
and slumping
just like that :(

for all the people we have lost
lets say a little prayer for them
we'll always love you

on other things
it worked!
i woke up at 7am :)
i was so tired, i actually slept
and a dreamless sleep for that matter
so i got up, did all the necessary things
and went to school for my case study with L.A
we were done in an hour, i went to the lab to print some documents for my project
and i was going back home, and there was this guy beside me
hey hey
whats ur name?
do you speak french?
i have seen you a couple of times...
can i walk you?
how bou ur number?
hmm if u kno the number of random things in ma mind right now
anyway i got back and i completed my assignments
submitted them
went to La Senza with Es*ay, then grocery shopping
came back, had spagetti then sang westlife on top of our voices
watched some stuff
started a novel... listened to maroon 5
Can you see me
Floating above your head
As you lay in bed
Thinking about everything
That you did not do
Cause saying I love you
Has nothing to do with meaning it

someone asked me a disturbing question.
are you capable of loving someone?

am like what?!
of cos i am blah blah blah
i just hate it wen guys do..
i listed bou seven things
and even...
(another one)
but apart from that i am a very tolerant person
i can overlook most things
am just not a clingy person

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