Sunday, July 12

Burning ice

"Cool exterior
Fire within

hey!! bless blogsville
more and more interesting posts everyday
i simply love everyone here, i mean everyone
i had a great weekend
and i cropped my hair
keri hilson inspired even though it turned out in a rihanna-ish way cute!
(shoot me)
anyway its fantastic and i am loving it
*guess what i watched again?*
parent trap, its been so long yeah
i know right :-) these things i love
so there was a summer get together over the weekend
and it was great
so yesterday, around dinner time, everyone in my house got talking about relationships and how they go bad and all that
which brings me to my very favorite - long distance relationships, like seriously do they really work?
i dont see why not
i am really comfortable with them
but when is long distance really too much distance
i love my space. is that a bad thing?
especially since most guys generalize that when you are not with them
you are definately with someone else
which is not always true.
u might not be with them-true
but you are not necessary with anyone else
i have never been one to bother myself
thank God for my really short attention span... plus my bad memory
I was watching The Game again
imagine if right about the time you are about to exvhange your wedding vows then his fone starts ringing (which should have been off by the way)
and its his (hmm how do i categorize her) baby's mama? ex? ur worst nightmare (just kidding)
maybe not
having a baby. no. his baby

why is everyone always on beyonce's case?
so what if sweetdreams has the same dance as all her others?
so what?
there are a thousand and one other female musicians if u dont like what you see
change the channel, skip the video.. who cares
ohh by the way

*bowing head in shame- UTMOST shame*
i am back on facebook
u wont change
anyway i hope this week is gonna go on fine
better than fine, excellently

i love this joke "You know you have a drinking problem when the bartender knows your name -- and you've never been to that bar before."

I leave thee with these words “Always remember that problems contain values that have improvement.”

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