Wednesday, July 8

girls day out

give me something to believe in cos i dont believe in you, anymore... anymore ¸
and i wonder if it even makes a difference to cry

oh nooo!
aaah i love maroon 5
i was in a beautiful mood all day. i still am
so last night i slept by 11pm and woke up at 3am. could not sleep after that. great
school was fab... always is

i kept noticing random things all day
during my class
YH, my classmate, who sits ryt in front of me had his laptop open
and he was on facebook during our five minute `smoke` break
and he was going through his pictures
and this picture just caught my eye
this fine black guy
okay fine guy is not something i use that often
but this guy was fine, i actually stopped what i was doing to look at the picture
he was a lil darker than me, nice eyes... barely there mohawk
the next picture was even better
then the next one
mr fine guy nd the guy in front of me
okay i dont know why i was shocked
i always suspected that YH was gay. cool
i guess i had never seen a gay black guy
a fine one too
so my friend went `is that your boyfriend`
and he was like yeah dats my baby
and all i could think was

so i told my friends bou my insomnia
leenarh and enkayy
they were like we need to get you tired
so tired ur eyes wont stay open when you get home
so after class we travelled all the way to orleans
can you beat that
totally unplanned but so much fun
then we watched public enemies
johnny depp
*you might wanna stop reading now if u wanna watch this movie*

i hated the fact that he had to die
twas a good movie tho
we went shopping before that
tried so many shoes, we did not know which ones did not look so good
had lunch, more pictures
time went by so quickly
and of course i kept noticing the most random things
like how asian guys and black girls make a cute couple
how yellow sandals look green in yellow light
how much we all need our friends no matter how independent we claim to be
like how glorious strawberry and chocolate and butter pecan icecream can feel on a hot summer day
how much i despise drama
i hate drama
so i stay away from drama
and guy.. u have drama. so me and you. can never be
how much u just wanna hug someone really tight just because
how much i miss my family
how u never realise how responsible you are until u are far from home
how u never realise how irresponsible some people are until they say some things
how the simplest things are the most confused of all
how much a good father michael jackson must have been
how imperfect we are, and how much we strive to attain some sort of perfection
how i love Gucci bags and gladiator sandals
how the most beautiful things are noot the most expensive
how you can feel alone while surrounded by friends

how people you never knew
suddenly become your family
and even more
how i love everyone in my house

okay its 12 midnyt
am off to sleep
and since am so exhausted lets hope i dont wake up in two hours
if i do
oh well... who knows
gudnyt unveiled
its me sweetness

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