Monday, July 6


so according to my wall clock, its 4:28am
everyones sleeping, well since am not someone who whines about her insomnia, i did a great deal of internet surfing
since i was gonna be awake again, i'd better enjoy being awake
i just finished watching high school musical
and i loved it
i studied some more, i curled my hair
i picked out a dress for my accounting class by 8am
i was gonna wear blue jeans, a blue tank top and this lovely white top i got for my birthday and my white sandals, but after looking at the forecast i decided to wear my pink summer dress...

as soon as its 5am, am gonna say my prayers then take my bath, jeez everyone will think am weird, like seriously, who takes a a bath at 5am?
oh well
before HSM, i was watching old music videos,mya, nelly, murder inc, jennifer lopez, aaliyah, damn i love aaliyah so much, i used to want to look like her she was so close to perfect... so beautiful
which of cos got me wondering
jay zee and aali actually looked good when they were together
but i love bee with jay zee

i read about this ghanian movie on a blog, picture perfect
i googled it and it looks good
am gonna watch it tomorrow night
aah i was watching shayne ward jay holiday and jay sean (again)
i love jay sean
you cant blame me, i love indians

Beep Beep! oh look now there goes my phone
And once again im just hopin it's a text from you..hmm..
It aint right read ya messages twice, thrice
Four times a night its true
Everyday I patiently wait
Feelin like a fool but I do, anyway
Nothing can feel as sweet and as real
As knowing I wasn't waiting in vain..
maybe its true
I'm caught up on you
Maybe there's a chance that ur stuck on me too
maybe i'm wrong
It's all in my head
Maybe We're Afraid of Words We Both Hadnt Said

hmm i love

okay so
i said i will go to the gym later on
i still intend to
i already packed my gym clothes
and tabs for my migraine

while i couldnt sleep i was just thinking
of my GPA for this semester
it had better be high!!! lol

its getting bright... its 3 minutes to 5
gotta jump into that shower
and get ready for class
have a good day unveiled
its me sweetness

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