Saturday, July 18

reality check! family guy

... DISCLAIMER!!!this post has nothing to do with the title

damn i think the cropped hair was a really bad idea...
you know its like when you are in a certain mood, and you do a particular hairstyle... so what happens when that mood wears out, like mine has... i am totally not feeling it right now
now i understand how tatoos can be a mistake
*today was my best in 3 days*
i did not see the sun
spoke to less than 5 people
read 7 pages in my Holy Book

i made my self throw up
old habits come back easily
i try not to read about bulamia
cos you would see the guilt on my face
but really the smallest things set it off
today it was a sharwama i ate... and i was like eww
do i really need that in my system?
then i started dancing and singing
and i went to wash my face
then i put my fingers down my throat
and i felt much better thank you very much
theres no point telling myself i wont do it again, i always do it

anyway to something else
i almost died when i was 8 (i think i almost die every 4 years jeez)
nobody ever told me that u cant push the top of the freezer open from the inside (are you serious?)
during one of those 40 degrees afternoon back home
me and my cousins were always playing hide and seek
and there was this day i almost entered the freezer to hide, besides it was hot
i had opened it already and wanted to pull a chair to climb and tumble inside the freezer and hide till my cousin came, i was pretty sure she wouldnt find me, then i realised the dining room chair in front of the freezer would give me away and i entered the store instead
needless to say, she found me first
and we there were six of us playing...

dangerous games kids play
my friend told me about her 6 year old cousin they found dead in the freezer.
another of my friend said when she was younger they locked up their friend in the trunk of car when they were playing and totally forgot her until evening!
a family friend of ours found her beautiful two year old drowned in the bathtub, it wasnt so long ago it was 4 years ago
these accidents just had me thinking...
and we always insist that a child playing at home is safe *shudders*

games adults play
Hard to get is not a game
its a state of mind
if she acts like she doesnt want you
stop flattering yourself, she doesnt want you
get over yourself
you are not that charming
or shes just not into you

to less disturbing stories
as an official stalker of the def jam poetry
i should have my favorites up on my blog
- or maybe not

i added 6 more blogs to my blogroll today
i desperately wanted to comment on 5 posts i read today but
i did not
because i have disabled comments on my page
thats what being faceless is about isnt it?

weirdest question someone ever asked me: are you a lesbian?
my lack of interest in the opposite sex... wait a minute
i should not even address this issue

aww happy married life D*nde***o
u were like a big sis to me
we were close friends
we had our ups and downs but we overcame them
i remember when you used to give me crazy makeovers
when we used to dance infront of the television
how we cried over the silliest movies
our coke and pepsi addiction
our fights over Dan browns
evening rides to video mars
singing loud in the car when driving back home
laughing for no reason when those toasters were ogling
you are probably the most beautiful girl your age i know
lol and your nickname d*nde***o
happy married life xoxo

i want to watch an old movie tonight
something tragically sad :D or seriously hilarious
i need to go do my laundry and sleep miss unveiled
ill see you tommorrow
its me sweetness

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