Tuesday, July 7

songs about jane...jain, zain and bain

in true sleepless fashion i did not sleep till 6 this morning
i woke up past noon
well past noon
its 9pm now
i intend to sleep by 11pm
i must!
cos i have a class early tomorrow
and frankly this bad sleeping habit cannot continue
so help me God

i watched good old 'an affair to remember'
i love old movies
and i love that a little above average
i listened to all the maroon five albums i own
all of them while cleaning my room
if i was a boy, am sure i would sound like them lol

ohh am in a much better mood today
i got a call from a security service
my bus pass is back
bless :)

Do you remember
The way we used to melt
Do you remember how it felt
When I touched you
Oh cause I remember very well
And how long has it been
Since someone you let in
Has given what I gave to you

on the brighter side... am taking part in another play
just with a different cast
its so silly...
now i have your attention dont i
and all i could think was are you kidding me?
funny enough it was around this time last year
So you better turn your head and run
And don't look back
Cause I fear
There is nothing left to say
To you
you are becoming too tangled in your own self

am just gonna pick out what i will be wearing tomorrow
its gonna be cloudy tomorrow...
i should get back to my books
sweetdreams unveiled
its me **sweetness**

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