Saturday, July 18


***you are a like a thorn , you should be clipped off***

Remember what Momma always says
"trust ur instinct"
and you know your girl right?
... right?
i grew up to have weird bad feelings about every single thing
from a particular kinda look, to going out, parties, friends and all that
i more than trusted my gut feelings
i closed my eyes and placed my gut where they should have been. :)
and as a result i was always...erm ... safe
but what happens when the other girl in me revolts
and brushed my gut feelings as a cheap reason to procastinate
and put a temporary stop in my Utopia
when i overlooked my natural first instinct
and did something the veiled me felt was not ideal to do
might have been something very simple
like buying those stilettos i could not walk in, or giving out my number
miss unveiled keeps saying
'enough already with the excuses
bad feeling my foot
its just a trial'
does this phrase sound familiar
i stay away from sin
because i wouldnt forgive myself after...

burning mirrors show the flames on your face

back to my instincts
when am faced with a decision or when i meet someone for the first time
i subconsciously filter through this persons aura or the situation
and that determines every other thing.
when somethings just not right
not right
i trust my instinct and back off
but on one of those days when i decide to walk in high stilettos - oh well
i always smile at myself n say
i really saw this coming
i saw the signs
i should not be surprised
so, unveiled if you dont mind i will like to dip my dainty lil feet in hot water
thank you very much
its mee sweetneesss

mood today: Navy blue all day... yellow towards midnight
i shud read my Quran more often

Tomorrow: The perfect whyte programme starts, i'll tell you about it later



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