Friday, July 10

u make me smile

Just want to share some random poems he wrote 4 me
since i dont have anything to blog about
i love the way he writes
i love a guy who writes well

i remember a cold chill creeping up my spine
and the sound of ur voice sayin i was gonna be fine
i felt lyk i'd been stabbed and soaked in brine
quite interesting it wasn't the end of the line
i used to think everyday that you'd be mine
but the good stuff goes quick like a bottle of good wine
feels like its been a year, what happened to time?
to have u in my arms again is my wish divine.

"why do u sound like u wanna pick a fight with me?"
everytime i read that my heart screams "i'm sorry"

then i plummet into a world of nostalgia
and sift through quite a handful of items of memorabilia

and return wen i remember it's not meant to be,

just yet,
another reason for me not to fret,
a very pretty sight in my mind manifest,
that everything that happens is a test test test.


i'm at it again
wont back down till i'm tied with the chain
the one that'll do away with my disdain
the one that'll neutralise ur's and my pain

why's it so hard to speak wen ma mouth's open?
words dont come though they've carefully been chosen
afraid another chord might get broken
and it is yet another point proven

what rhymes with mystery?
how ur thoughts are woven with such dignity
how we're so far apart yet still going strong
how we turn right whatever between us is wrong
how we can, if we choose to, make history
how only one can relate to this piece of mosey

noone has to know where u been
noone needs to hear about what uv seen
as long as u'll never stray oh so far
in my eyes u'll always have a slate so clean

you can't talk to me without having a fit,
you do what you do without knowing you do it,

you do unto me what you wouldn't do unto others,
you never believed in what's said about birds of a feather,

you elevate and relapse me as though u were a fork-lift,
you keep me going lyk i was working a night shift,

you stand by me, you define forever and ever,
you know who you are, and if you don't, don't bother,

to me, you're nothing short of a heavenly gift,
thinking about you sets my mind adrift,

and when i resurface i realise that there goes the offer,
but you tell me not to mind cos one good turn deserves another.


i thot i knew but apparently i dont have a clue,
as to who u really are or what you really do,
what goes on in ur head or what u say thats really true,
whether i'm really being me or ur really being you.

i'm never at a loss but i think its the season,
for me to smile and remember everything happens for a reason,
to remember just how free i truly am,
when i end up feeling lyk i'm trapped in a prison.

i find myself thinking if distance is a good thing,
if the fact that i aint near will have an impact on ur mood swings,
if i can live thru another winter and another spring,
knowing u may never know that u are my everything.


sweet huh? i know
pity we are just friends

current listen: living a lie
rihanna and the dream
xoxo unveiled
its tired-sweetness

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