Friday, July 17

what you know about that?

distubing picture yeah i know
i am sure she did not do it intentionally
we all makes mistakes dont we...
but oh well. guess what happens happens
you`ll get over it

Today: I stayed indoors all day
I laughed when: i was watching failure to launch

I was wearing: an orange top n black pants
I read: another case study portfolio
Mood: not bothered

Right now: i really should be sleeping
Havent blogged in two days because: of my mood swings

I am in love with: myself at the moment
I have a crush on: nobody this month
My friends are: sleeping i guess
Next big plan is: travelling away for a day
I badly want to: too relaxed right now

This time last year: hmmm let me see... lol i was still the same, staying out of trouble and reading too much romance

Last time i cried: 4 days ago, had stomach cramps
Last lie i told: told some gee on the bus, my name was ayeesha
I miss: my mom

Current listen: Karl wolfs Yalla habibi
Really bored with: you know everything bores me
Happy that: i washed my hair today, i conditioned it and i blowdried it, 12 hours later i stretched it
Phobia: hasnt changed... heights, deep water and guys
If i were a guy: ... but am a girl, a happy one at that

I hate: weird dreams, and i have been having disturbing ones
I wonder if: vampires do exist

I`d like: guys who respect themselves
I love: a guy that has no drama
Ì`d get along with: any girl whatsoever
I really hate: people interupting my privacy, or me-hours
People dont know that: i have a really bad memory
People dont believe that: i hate crowds
Worst thing someone has called me: Snob! haaa bless!

off to bed... sweetnessss

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