Tuesday, August 25

Trouble on Merivale

I wasn't supposed to be back here until tomorrow
but this can't wait!
hmmmn see me see trouble oh
Okay first things first, Es*ay, Khd (our almost brother)and Np, his friend from Hamilton who has been around for a couple of days and myself went to Swiss Chalet for dinner (1st meal of the day after how many hours)
after that Khd said he wanted to get a milkshake from the Mcdonalds nearby, Esay and I said we wanted Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino which was across the road from Mcdonalds, we were walking when suddenly we saw this car coming towards us with full speed, we moved aside, and when he passed he started screaming insults on us
something that included "... you 12 year olds"
Trust the guys, they were already too pissed to be calm
then the guy stopped a couple of meters infront of us and was getting something out from the trunk of his car
a gun?
Me and Es*ay did not wait to see
We ran behind a pillar and waited for the gunshot
the funny thing was we were laughing while hiding
but i swear we were scared!
the place was deserted as a cemetery
and the Beer Shop was a few meters away
all i could think was... he's drunk and armed!
anyway he drove off
and Np was like looo0oool we actually hid?
what if the guy blasted them

I was reading one of Linda Ikeji's post
she wrote about Boris Kodjoe's wedding vows
now i am reminded of why i fell in instant love with him right after
Madeas family reunion

Recent disturbances: ES*AY
hmmm that girl won't kill me
I have always wished for a sister
but this one is my worst nightmare
jokes. jokes
but for real though
I will post her picture on this blog soon
when you see her, you will swear she can't hurt a fly
But she gives me pAAAin
she tortures my pooor soul
that child! infact
apart from her vampy traits
(she wants a vampire boyfriend, she doesnt like coming out during the day, she loves cranberry juice, strawberries.... any thing red...)
She scares me at night
She hides on the laundry machine in the dark and wait for me to pass and she jumps out
Anyone knows Edward Cullens mailing address?
i need to put her in an envelope :-)

Monday, August 24

A little of this.... okay and that!

well helloo there! hows everything going? Its August and Inglorious Basterds is *bleep bleep* awesome!
You know, its not like the regular movies you hear so much about and when you are in the cinema, 45 minutes into the film, you check your wristwatch for the 6th time, and wonder what the fuss was about, you should have just stayed at home and read blogs
I have never loved war movies, when i was younger, my dad's war films used to make me wonder, when are they gonna get home
i'll sleep off, wake and ask my dad again, "why are they still fighting?"
"they are fighting a war sweetness"
around that time,i would have dozed off again

My dads favorites were probably, They died with their shoes on, Major Dundee, High road to china and a couple of other ones with angry looking men, with what i called charcoal back in the days all over their body, shooting behing trees, heavy boots and too much shouting, i wonder which was louder, the shooting or the shouting
(or my shouting)
I just felt war movies were for big soilders like my dad. Until this one
The Inglorious Basterds

Its the third day into Ramadan.... Mashaallah
I have been bringing my deen out
(deen /di:n/ arabic for belief :)
it kinda happens around this time, every ramadan
like most other muslims
I spend more time reading and understanding the Quran
Reading the Hadiths
Being a better person generally
I dont have bad habits like smoking or drinking to stop (or miss for hours)but i do read lots of novels with a unPG rating
now thats what i have to quit for 30 days
and i dont mind at all
And am not much of a food person so basically for me Ramadan is just one of those days... just knowing u cant open the fridge and just get something out and eat is what makes it feel like Ramadan. bless!

What else? My first ramadan not at 'home'
home: A place where ur family stay, during ramadan, 10 course meals are prepared, more family members come over, you all sit together and wait for magrib prayer to be called and you eat for a whole hour and half before going to pray
Its a tradition of the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him to start with dates (Dabino) so thats what you start with, then you begin your rounds, Kunu, Kosai (hausa for beancakes) potatoes, eggs, rice, sausages, pounded yam, semovita, tuwo and all kids of soup
fruit salad, peppersoup, peppersoup, peppersoup, caeser salad, drinks, water drinks

well now i live in an apartment
apartment: A place where students live, and in ramadan they take fruits, make noodles and lots of coke

if u never knew, now u do

GOoD nEWS.com
My mum just left Nigeria
Shes going to Netherlands
and here!!
to her baby
I love that woman, shes more than a best friend.. shes a sister!!

You might wonder what is so special about Ramadan
Ramadan is one of the 12 months of the islamic calender
its the month in which the Holy Quran
Our book of guidance was reveiled
All prayers are answered and
All sins are forgiven

Oh in Nigeria, magrib sometimes was as early as 5:55pm
in Abuja and kaduna it was around 6:15
Lagos 6:30

HERE: 8:10pm!!!

lol its 6pm now unveiled
Ramadan mubarak dearie

Wednesday, August 19

My post exam post :)

I finished my exams a week ago *insert biiiig smile here*
and no i haven't blogged since
not like haven't blogged -haven't-blogged
yes i read all posts but no i dont post any
i am enjoying the hols like whaaat???
i have been shopping sleeping reading novels sleeping watching movies sleeping going out hanging out sleeping and all those glorious things one can't even begin to thank God any less for
so wassup?
hmm lets see

1) Am gonna read HP all over again, its been a while plus i need to get in touch with my supernatural side *bloggerhiliamus!*

2) The much awaited time traveler's wife is out if u haven't watched this film yet and you wanna do so, you should stop reading this post *spoiler alert* :)
So i think, it was a very good movie but the book is way way better
a couple of things in the book make the ending more tear worthy :D

3) I love Eric Bana

4) I loove Rachael McAdams even more

5) Yes! i absolutely love keri hilson

6) I love my boo... he is so sweet

7) I think this is the season for love lol

8) Haven't had a mood swing in a while... bless

9) RAMADAN is close!!! Knockiing practically
omg i need ramadan to kick out all my bad habits
fasting makes me a better person
its the weight loss i usually dont like lol
haha well not really
i love everything about ramadan

10) I want to go to a Karaoke club (before ramadan)

Hmmm now dats wassup
much love
i will be back
*evil laughter*

Tuesday, August 11

*EXaM mOdE*

Umm... Here's a status update that caught my attention today

Names have been changed to save the innocent and not so innocent
Anyway heres his status update, and below are the interesting comments
A.A: I used 2 have da mentality ov not sleeping wit a gurl i think am gna marry,buh not any more,cuz if u no do sumbody go do nd e fit b ur friend sef.Dont get me wrong,dats if she wants to,not making her do

interesting right? wait till you see the rest.

MPS:hmmmm must always take the car out for a test run. Try before you buy otherwise you're stuck with the broken down motor!

A.F: I guess virtually all angles of contention have already been delibrated... although having sex before marriege is a taboo in both Islam and christianity bt they both have provided a remedy for tasting d forbiden fruit B4 marriege. interms of Islam it is reffered to as ISTIBURAE'E in which the couple will not see or speak 2 each other 4 3 months b4... Read more they can go ahead. While, in terms of christianity they could just renounce satan & embrace the holy spirit by becoming born again. there4 both religions condole's the act.

B.S: but for real there r two thing: first if she aint a virgin why wait for ur marraige?? secondly, how do u knw if its just cos of sex u lik or dnt lik her? u hv to try it out bruv.... its a necessary eveil to do urself, b4 someon does it to u (like u said)..

B.A: dere is dis guy I knw before he got married to his wife he told he wasn't a virgin n she told him she was. She doesn't evn allow him kiss her dat she has neva kissd anyone dat she wants her 1st time to b special. On dia 1st nite she got busted
She has bein doin it behind his back wit her cousin. He is abt to divorce her for breach of contract....

BG. D: tymz e no go b ur friend ma sef but ur bro,bt i stil blv se u go fit get virgin if u neva tear leather b4 marriage..cuz d world is a do me i do u thing

D.A: wait for marriage...yh, i know these days it's hard to trust people but it's still a moral/religious issue...besides, those guyz who got screwed over by their wives were probably sleeping with oda ppl b4 marriage too...how can a guy who wasn't "preserving" himself for his wife expect his wife to "preserve" herself for him? It's not fair to the wife... Read more o! They both got their equal sha...
But, man, i gotta say i find Bashir's story creepy! such deception is just beyond evil....chei!
All the same, sha...whether he "test-drived" or not, it wudn't hv changed the fact dat she was sleeping wit her cousin....

C.K.O: deola you make me laff how can u talk like this in 21 century come on there no virgins in world any more even in the so called villages those once are infact i dont want to go there
no offence dont get me wrong but if i ask if you are a virgin what will you say ? this is what gals always say
1 lie
2 get mad and say what kind of talk is that
3 tell you to find out ... Read more
4 go silent on you
all this is answers we all know where they are going
which is HELLO AM NOT A V
so my dear 4get all that moral gist

B.H: awake u re !00% ryt i am in total support of it.Sleep with dem to know d performance of ur engine whether it is V8 or V 6.cos if u marry a dead or half engine u shud expect minimal performance.U could sleep with dem so dat she ll knw dat u re man enuf but if u allow her most definately 1 mugu ll surely taste her for u. so guys be warned.testin is allow b4 marriage but u can amend it after

M.R: Its bad luck not to sleep wiv a girl u want to marry!!!

D.A: really all ur comments here r saddening...i can't accept that so many ppl think lyk this...personally, I know there r many virgins in the world (and, no, they aren't kids or village ppl!!!)...maybe u guyz r hanging out with d wrong crowd, yo.
and C.O, I wudn't lie...i'm not ashamed of bein a virgin. It's a personal choice...but bak to the topic, it's appalling dat every1 thinks u must "test-drive"...no wonder virgins are becoming fewer by the second!

M.P.S:Sex is an important part of a relationship. Its what distinguishes your relationship from friendship. I applaud anyone who is able to remain a virgin, they are virtually extinct, with how the world is at the moment. Im not sure how it is in Nigeria I live in London and its damned tough I tell you, but I think its difficult to marry someone you ... Read morehaven't been intimate with. How do you know you're more than just good friends? The plus side to being a virgin is that you do not know what you are missing therefore it's likely you will remain faithful which is how it should be - Im just a realist...

G.L:u better hamma her well before she go fall in love with man wey sabi am

Z.A: Wow! this is sth goin on here.....
Awake if u trust her, dnt let anyth colour ur view or change ur standpoint
if every man wants 2 test drive wat do u want 2 b left of her dignity????
as dey say gals av chicken brain n always beliv u na lies...
... Read more
@ Collins gals r no longer shy of nt bein virgins o! sit dwn der let pant b wearin u...lol
d same way u want 2 taste variety, gals want too
isnt it beta 2 av a wife dat has njoyd lyf n is faithful wen she settles dwn dan avin 1 dat sleeps wiv ur friends or fada frnds aftr marriage?
Abeg! we r in d era of globalizatn.....
no b man disvirgin dem? did dey do it on deir own?
weda una like am or nt u ll stil marry dem virgin or nt

D.O: Ewoooo!!! (or wateva noise they make in dose naij movies wen trouble comes)....WOW, Awwal....i'm amazed at ur post o....so these religions actually permit sex b4 marriage, abi? Wen it clearly says that one shouldn't even "approach" illegal sex talkless of doing it....
@ zahrah; u seem to be implying that if a woman hasn't had sex b4 marriage, she's gna be an unfaithful wife....dat's something I've neva heard of b4 o....
abeg sef, y is every1 attacking virginity? Yes, it's getting rarer by the day...but it exists and ppl shud try to maintain dat.
And y only female virginity? For me o, I think d guy shud be a virgin too...... Read more
tho i think ppl will hav my head off 4 even suggesting dat

Z.O: babes im nt implyin anyth.....al m sayin is dat we shldnt get emotnal ova issues we dnt av control ova...lik MJ said start d change in u 1st.
if u want 2 remain a vrgin good, cos its ll make him respect u mor n if u want a guy dat is a virgin(Ameen 2 dat) der r alot cos i noe few.

A.B: ask me,i know a woman's dignity is with her virginity....
and quoting MJ-start d change with u but sud be in a positive way......u want to see more virgins? change ur perception......am alarmed 90% guys here bliv in checking out first!!!
And hey,who says male virginity is an abomination

lol honestly theres more... but i'll save u
what do i think?
thats post for another day...


Wednesday, August 5

My Present State, Creamy Crack and other short stories

Right now i am in a 'love like me thinking of you thinking of me thinking of you type love'
Me telling my friends more than I’ve ever admitted to myself about how I feel about you type love
I hope I make him feel as good as he makes me feel
I want to try counting the ways he loves me
And lose count in the middle just so I have to start all over again
And I want to celebrate one of those one month anniversaries
Even though they ain’t really anniversaries
But celebrating with him just gets me really happy

For those who know this post was inspired by Shihan
I was talking (amongst other things)with my friend
my very good friend, and we started talking about the Doha debates
and then
Will religion be a barrier
if i fell in love with a christain?
Marriage is sacred... and so is true love
and i was thinking

Two films i absolutely cant wait for
Tyler perrys (i love this guy)I can do bad with Adam Rodriguez, Taraji P Henson and miss J Blige and of course our favorite, aunt Madea sounds good already yeah? Just check out the Trailer :-)and

and Good hair
am sure the ladies will love this

Lol creamy Crack!

What can i say?
currently listening to Pm Dawn's I'd die without you

Tuesday, August 4

I love U

"I Love You"
I love you, not only for what you are,
but for what I am when I am with you.
I love you, not only for what you have made of
yourself, but for what you are making of me.
I love you for the part of me that you bring out;
I love you for putting your hand into my heaped-up
heart and passing over all the foolish, weak things
that you can't help dimly seeing there, and for drawing
out into the light all the beautiful belongings that no
one else had looked quite far enough to find.
I love you because you are helping me to make
of the lumber of my life not a tavern, but a temple;
Out of the works of my every day not a reproach,
but a song.
I love you because you have done more than
any creed could have done to make me good,
and more than any fate could have done
to make me happy.
You have done it without a touch,
without a word, without a sign.
You have done it by being yourself.

and you love me too

Monday, August 3

spanish love

Since i got back from Montreal i have been something else, i am so exhausted!
jeez i should not have gotten on so many rides.
Me and Es*ay left our crib for the first time today since we got back
Right now am at Leenarh and En kayys place watching One tree Hill, or rather glancing at One Tree Hill every one minute

Now who remembers all those spanish soaps
I hope someone watches them, hope am not the only one with an insatiable spanish love hunger
I think my most favorite was The Gardeners daughter(La mujer del jadinero), or When you are mine (cuando seas mia)... or Second chance(Screen title: El cuerpo del deseo: body of desire). ohh my but who remembers The Gardeners daughter? Incase you dont heres a litle synopsis

it was awesome!
And the guys were so baddd! straight out of the covers of the historical romances under my pillow.
I remember when Isabella, Paloma and the signoras changed my wardrobe. It was sudeenly filled with long flowing skirts of different colours
and matching veils.... (no they did not wear veils- that was jus my touch)
I think spanish guys are deliciously sexy
I think their language is sexy too

So anyway, i am working on my portfolio as well and i am not even half way. Its due in a week!
Hopefully ill finish tomorrow night
Have u ever had a crush on someone, seen him years later and go WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?
ohh yes.
I miss ma tweeny, bestfriend and sister fom another mother.
am gonna blog about her pretty soon
Its time to pray... gotta go
xoxo sweetness

Sunday, August 2

settling for LESS

He said: 'haven't you been shopping, seen a wickedly expensive dress and known that even if you were willing to eat beans for the next two months, you still couldn't have that dress'
'wot should you do?' he continued
more silence
'walk away' she said 'and look for a knock off i can afford in another store'
pretty logical yeah?
and straight forward for a girl who thinks the way i do
'now that's your first mistake' he didn't have to sound so cheery about it 'and that's why you wound up with a man who didn't suit you. you settled for less
settled for less'

Settled: past tense of verb settle
To put firmly into a desired position or place
Less: Adj Lower in importance, esteem, or rank

'What you need to do is march into that store and try that dress. When you try it on and see that it doesn't look as good on your bodacious self for that kind of money, you walk away feeling good about not buying it'
Okay JH is getting me confused now
I thought we were talking relationships here
and on this note i will like to share one of my favorite videos with you
The important part starts from 2:30

ooh by the way the picture above is from La Ronde Montreal
was in Montreal with my friends over the weekend
and we had a blast on all the monster rides, roller coasters, pirates ship through tunnels, water splashes and all the blood-rushing-light-headed-causing factors that place is well known for
scary but fun

By the side stories:
2 nights ago i punked my friends. Es*ay was with me. It started around midnyt to well past two am
I hope they don't plan to get us
I love them to bits though

We had some guests from Toronto, can't remember if i mentioned it before, but they are gone now
what else?

my exams have been good, Monday is a holiday
that's why i could run to Montreal
dont have an exam till Thursday and to ease the guilt of having fun and loving it
am gonna read before i sleep

aah i changed my template again... was bored sick with brown *gulp*
i missed ya
ayt ill see ya tmrw nyt