Tuesday, August 11

*EXaM mOdE*

Umm... Here's a status update that caught my attention today

Names have been changed to save the innocent and not so innocent
Anyway heres his status update, and below are the interesting comments
A.A: I used 2 have da mentality ov not sleeping wit a gurl i think am gna marry,buh not any more,cuz if u no do sumbody go do nd e fit b ur friend sef.Dont get me wrong,dats if she wants to,not making her do

interesting right? wait till you see the rest.

MPS:hmmmm must always take the car out for a test run. Try before you buy otherwise you're stuck with the broken down motor!

A.F: I guess virtually all angles of contention have already been delibrated... although having sex before marriege is a taboo in both Islam and christianity bt they both have provided a remedy for tasting d forbiden fruit B4 marriege. interms of Islam it is reffered to as ISTIBURAE'E in which the couple will not see or speak 2 each other 4 3 months b4... Read more they can go ahead. While, in terms of christianity they could just renounce satan & embrace the holy spirit by becoming born again. there4 both religions condole's the act.

B.S: but for real there r two thing: first if she aint a virgin why wait for ur marraige?? secondly, how do u knw if its just cos of sex u lik or dnt lik her? u hv to try it out bruv.... its a necessary eveil to do urself, b4 someon does it to u (like u said)..

B.A: dere is dis guy I knw before he got married to his wife he told he wasn't a virgin n she told him she was. She doesn't evn allow him kiss her dat she has neva kissd anyone dat she wants her 1st time to b special. On dia 1st nite she got busted
She has bein doin it behind his back wit her cousin. He is abt to divorce her for breach of contract....

BG. D: tymz e no go b ur friend ma sef but ur bro,bt i stil blv se u go fit get virgin if u neva tear leather b4 marriage..cuz d world is a do me i do u thing

D.A: wait for marriage...yh, i know these days it's hard to trust people but it's still a moral/religious issue...besides, those guyz who got screwed over by their wives were probably sleeping with oda ppl b4 marriage too...how can a guy who wasn't "preserving" himself for his wife expect his wife to "preserve" herself for him? It's not fair to the wife... Read more o! They both got their equal sha...
But, man, i gotta say i find Bashir's story creepy! such deception is just beyond evil....chei!
All the same, sha...whether he "test-drived" or not, it wudn't hv changed the fact dat she was sleeping wit her cousin....

C.K.O: deola you make me laff how can u talk like this in 21 century come on there no virgins in world any more even in the so called villages those once are infact i dont want to go there
no offence dont get me wrong but if i ask if you are a virgin what will you say ? this is what gals always say
1 lie
2 get mad and say what kind of talk is that
3 tell you to find out ... Read more
4 go silent on you
all this is answers we all know where they are going
which is HELLO AM NOT A V
so my dear 4get all that moral gist

B.H: awake u re !00% ryt i am in total support of it.Sleep with dem to know d performance of ur engine whether it is V8 or V 6.cos if u marry a dead or half engine u shud expect minimal performance.U could sleep with dem so dat she ll knw dat u re man enuf but if u allow her most definately 1 mugu ll surely taste her for u. so guys be warned.testin is allow b4 marriage but u can amend it after

M.R: Its bad luck not to sleep wiv a girl u want to marry!!!

D.A: really all ur comments here r saddening...i can't accept that so many ppl think lyk this...personally, I know there r many virgins in the world (and, no, they aren't kids or village ppl!!!)...maybe u guyz r hanging out with d wrong crowd, yo.
and C.O, I wudn't lie...i'm not ashamed of bein a virgin. It's a personal choice...but bak to the topic, it's appalling dat every1 thinks u must "test-drive"...no wonder virgins are becoming fewer by the second!

M.P.S:Sex is an important part of a relationship. Its what distinguishes your relationship from friendship. I applaud anyone who is able to remain a virgin, they are virtually extinct, with how the world is at the moment. Im not sure how it is in Nigeria I live in London and its damned tough I tell you, but I think its difficult to marry someone you ... Read morehaven't been intimate with. How do you know you're more than just good friends? The plus side to being a virgin is that you do not know what you are missing therefore it's likely you will remain faithful which is how it should be - Im just a realist...

G.L:u better hamma her well before she go fall in love with man wey sabi am

Z.A: Wow! this is sth goin on here.....
Awake if u trust her, dnt let anyth colour ur view or change ur standpoint
if every man wants 2 test drive wat do u want 2 b left of her dignity????
as dey say gals av chicken brain n always beliv u na lies...
... Read more
@ Collins gals r no longer shy of nt bein virgins o! sit dwn der let pant b wearin u...lol
d same way u want 2 taste variety, gals want too
isnt it beta 2 av a wife dat has njoyd lyf n is faithful wen she settles dwn dan avin 1 dat sleeps wiv ur friends or fada frnds aftr marriage?
Abeg! we r in d era of globalizatn.....
no b man disvirgin dem? did dey do it on deir own?
weda una like am or nt u ll stil marry dem virgin or nt

D.O: Ewoooo!!! (or wateva noise they make in dose naij movies wen trouble comes)....WOW, Awwal....i'm amazed at ur post o....so these religions actually permit sex b4 marriage, abi? Wen it clearly says that one shouldn't even "approach" illegal sex talkless of doing it....
@ zahrah; u seem to be implying that if a woman hasn't had sex b4 marriage, she's gna be an unfaithful wife....dat's something I've neva heard of b4 o....
abeg sef, y is every1 attacking virginity? Yes, it's getting rarer by the day...but it exists and ppl shud try to maintain dat.
And y only female virginity? For me o, I think d guy shud be a virgin too...... Read more
tho i think ppl will hav my head off 4 even suggesting dat

Z.O: babes im nt implyin anyth.....al m sayin is dat we shldnt get emotnal ova issues we dnt av control ova...lik MJ said start d change in u 1st.
if u want 2 remain a vrgin good, cos its ll make him respect u mor n if u want a guy dat is a virgin(Ameen 2 dat) der r alot cos i noe few.

A.B: ask me,i know a woman's dignity is with her virginity....
and quoting MJ-start d change with u but sud be in a positive way......u want to see more virgins? change ur perception......am alarmed 90% guys here bliv in checking out first!!!
And hey,who says male virginity is an abomination

lol honestly theres more... but i'll save u
what do i think?
thats post for another day...


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