Monday, August 24

A little of this.... okay and that!

well helloo there! hows everything going? Its August and Inglorious Basterds is *bleep bleep* awesome!
You know, its not like the regular movies you hear so much about and when you are in the cinema, 45 minutes into the film, you check your wristwatch for the 6th time, and wonder what the fuss was about, you should have just stayed at home and read blogs
I have never loved war movies, when i was younger, my dad's war films used to make me wonder, when are they gonna get home
i'll sleep off, wake and ask my dad again, "why are they still fighting?"
"they are fighting a war sweetness"
around that time,i would have dozed off again

My dads favorites were probably, They died with their shoes on, Major Dundee, High road to china and a couple of other ones with angry looking men, with what i called charcoal back in the days all over their body, shooting behing trees, heavy boots and too much shouting, i wonder which was louder, the shooting or the shouting
(or my shouting)
I just felt war movies were for big soilders like my dad. Until this one
The Inglorious Basterds

Its the third day into Ramadan.... Mashaallah
I have been bringing my deen out
(deen /di:n/ arabic for belief :)
it kinda happens around this time, every ramadan
like most other muslims
I spend more time reading and understanding the Quran
Reading the Hadiths
Being a better person generally
I dont have bad habits like smoking or drinking to stop (or miss for hours)but i do read lots of novels with a unPG rating
now thats what i have to quit for 30 days
and i dont mind at all
And am not much of a food person so basically for me Ramadan is just one of those days... just knowing u cant open the fridge and just get something out and eat is what makes it feel like Ramadan. bless!

What else? My first ramadan not at 'home'
home: A place where ur family stay, during ramadan, 10 course meals are prepared, more family members come over, you all sit together and wait for magrib prayer to be called and you eat for a whole hour and half before going to pray
Its a tradition of the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him to start with dates (Dabino) so thats what you start with, then you begin your rounds, Kunu, Kosai (hausa for beancakes) potatoes, eggs, rice, sausages, pounded yam, semovita, tuwo and all kids of soup
fruit salad, peppersoup, peppersoup, peppersoup, caeser salad, drinks, water drinks

well now i live in an apartment
apartment: A place where students live, and in ramadan they take fruits, make noodles and lots of coke

if u never knew, now u do

My mum just left Nigeria
Shes going to Netherlands
and here!!
to her baby
I love that woman, shes more than a best friend.. shes a sister!!

You might wonder what is so special about Ramadan
Ramadan is one of the 12 months of the islamic calender
its the month in which the Holy Quran
Our book of guidance was reveiled
All prayers are answered and
All sins are forgiven

Oh in Nigeria, magrib sometimes was as early as 5:55pm
in Abuja and kaduna it was around 6:15
Lagos 6:30

HERE: 8:10pm!!!

lol its 6pm now unveiled
Ramadan mubarak dearie


Fatima said...

Ramadan Mubarak sweetness! I love your blog :) :)

sweetness said...

aww thanks dearie
Ramadan kareem :)