Wednesday, August 19

My post exam post :)

I finished my exams a week ago *insert biiiig smile here*
and no i haven't blogged since
not like haven't blogged -haven't-blogged
yes i read all posts but no i dont post any
i am enjoying the hols like whaaat???
i have been shopping sleeping reading novels sleeping watching movies sleeping going out hanging out sleeping and all those glorious things one can't even begin to thank God any less for
so wassup?
hmm lets see

1) Am gonna read HP all over again, its been a while plus i need to get in touch with my supernatural side *bloggerhiliamus!*

2) The much awaited time traveler's wife is out if u haven't watched this film yet and you wanna do so, you should stop reading this post *spoiler alert* :)
So i think, it was a very good movie but the book is way way better
a couple of things in the book make the ending more tear worthy :D

3) I love Eric Bana

4) I loove Rachael McAdams even more

5) Yes! i absolutely love keri hilson

6) I love my boo... he is so sweet

7) I think this is the season for love lol

8) Haven't had a mood swing in a while... bless

9) RAMADAN is close!!! Knockiing practically
omg i need ramadan to kick out all my bad habits
fasting makes me a better person
its the weight loss i usually dont like lol
haha well not really
i love everything about ramadan

10) I want to go to a Karaoke club (before ramadan)

Hmmm now dats wassup
much love
i will be back
*evil laughter*


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