Sunday, August 2

settling for LESS

He said: 'haven't you been shopping, seen a wickedly expensive dress and known that even if you were willing to eat beans for the next two months, you still couldn't have that dress'
'wot should you do?' he continued
more silence
'walk away' she said 'and look for a knock off i can afford in another store'
pretty logical yeah?
and straight forward for a girl who thinks the way i do
'now that's your first mistake' he didn't have to sound so cheery about it 'and that's why you wound up with a man who didn't suit you. you settled for less
settled for less'

Settled: past tense of verb settle
To put firmly into a desired position or place
Less: Adj Lower in importance, esteem, or rank

'What you need to do is march into that store and try that dress. When you try it on and see that it doesn't look as good on your bodacious self for that kind of money, you walk away feeling good about not buying it'
Okay JH is getting me confused now
I thought we were talking relationships here
and on this note i will like to share one of my favorite videos with you
The important part starts from 2:30

ooh by the way the picture above is from La Ronde Montreal
was in Montreal with my friends over the weekend
and we had a blast on all the monster rides, roller coasters, pirates ship through tunnels, water splashes and all the blood-rushing-light-headed-causing factors that place is well known for
scary but fun

By the side stories:
2 nights ago i punked my friends. Es*ay was with me. It started around midnyt to well past two am
I hope they don't plan to get us
I love them to bits though

We had some guests from Toronto, can't remember if i mentioned it before, but they are gone now
what else?

my exams have been good, Monday is a holiday
that's why i could run to Montreal
dont have an exam till Thursday and to ease the guilt of having fun and loving it
am gonna read before i sleep

aah i changed my template again... was bored sick with brown *gulp*
i missed ya
ayt ill see ya tmrw nyt


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