Monday, August 3

spanish love

Since i got back from Montreal i have been something else, i am so exhausted!
jeez i should not have gotten on so many rides.
Me and Es*ay left our crib for the first time today since we got back
Right now am at Leenarh and En kayys place watching One tree Hill, or rather glancing at One Tree Hill every one minute

Now who remembers all those spanish soaps
I hope someone watches them, hope am not the only one with an insatiable spanish love hunger
I think my most favorite was The Gardeners daughter(La mujer del jadinero), or When you are mine (cuando seas mia)... or Second chance(Screen title: El cuerpo del deseo: body of desire). ohh my but who remembers The Gardeners daughter? Incase you dont heres a litle synopsis

it was awesome!
And the guys were so baddd! straight out of the covers of the historical romances under my pillow.
I remember when Isabella, Paloma and the signoras changed my wardrobe. It was sudeenly filled with long flowing skirts of different colours
and matching veils.... (no they did not wear veils- that was jus my touch)
I think spanish guys are deliciously sexy
I think their language is sexy too

So anyway, i am working on my portfolio as well and i am not even half way. Its due in a week!
Hopefully ill finish tomorrow night
Have u ever had a crush on someone, seen him years later and go WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?
ohh yes.
I miss ma tweeny, bestfriend and sister fom another mother.
am gonna blog about her pretty soon
Its time to pray... gotta go
xoxo sweetness

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