Tuesday, August 25

Trouble on Merivale

I wasn't supposed to be back here until tomorrow
but this can't wait!
hmmmn see me see trouble oh
Okay first things first, Es*ay, Khd (our almost brother)and Np, his friend from Hamilton who has been around for a couple of days and myself went to Swiss Chalet for dinner (1st meal of the day after how many hours)
after that Khd said he wanted to get a milkshake from the Mcdonalds nearby, Esay and I said we wanted Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino which was across the road from Mcdonalds, we were walking when suddenly we saw this car coming towards us with full speed, we moved aside, and when he passed he started screaming insults on us
something that included "... you 12 year olds"
Trust the guys, they were already too pissed to be calm
then the guy stopped a couple of meters infront of us and was getting something out from the trunk of his car
a gun?
Me and Es*ay did not wait to see
We ran behind a pillar and waited for the gunshot
the funny thing was we were laughing while hiding
but i swear we were scared!
the place was deserted as a cemetery
and the Beer Shop was a few meters away
all i could think was... he's drunk and armed!
anyway he drove off
and Np was like looo0oool we actually hid?
what if the guy blasted them

I was reading one of Linda Ikeji's post
she wrote about Boris Kodjoe's wedding vows
now i am reminded of why i fell in instant love with him right after
Madeas family reunion

Recent disturbances: ES*AY
hmmm that girl won't kill me
I have always wished for a sister
but this one is my worst nightmare
jokes. jokes
but for real though
I will post her picture on this blog soon
when you see her, you will swear she can't hurt a fly
But she gives me pAAAin
she tortures my pooor soul
that child! infact
apart from her vampy traits
(she wants a vampire boyfriend, she doesnt like coming out during the day, she loves cranberry juice, strawberries.... any thing red...)
She scares me at night
She hides on the laundry machine in the dark and wait for me to pass and she jumps out
Anyone knows Edward Cullens mailing address?
i need to put her in an envelope :-)

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