Thursday, September 24

Fame and Me

Am pretty excited about watching Fame tomorrow
I hope its reaally good, am gonna be disappointed if its not
like seriously its the only dance movie all year.
Right now am watching Jay Z on the Oprah show.
Great personality, he is.
Its amazing to know that all through his teenage years while he sold drugs
He never took drugs
But thats not surprising is it
'Good dealers dont do' ayt??
I just got a call from my boss
some mix up in my schedule
I am doing all my assignments now, yeah like every single one
before i go to work because am working till late
and am gonna be pretty exhausted by the time i get back home
Yes and this weekend am gonna be 'acting mommys baby'
no assignments, thank u very much
Back to my old habits
my X rated novels are back!
yes, yours truly got all the books she stashed under her bed out
and read and re-read them over and over again
Which reminds me- i have to get more

like a whole lot!
So today in class, Ricco hid my apple juice
(why?) i dont know
okay am kidding, its a little game we play
so apparently Costa had his apple juice on the desk too
And Iman kept hers too later
on that same table
all apple juice(s)
And while R is doing some other thing
I pick up an apple juice
and conveniently sipped it until class was over
and when the bell goes Ricco brings out my juice and is like
"i see u did not miss your juice today"
and am like...



I miss my boo. teribly
And no, its not the novels, i just got off the phone with him
i really do miss him, and i hate this distance

Money, Success and Fame never change you
They just bring out the you that has been hiding
when you did not have them

oh yess!
Banky W and Karl Wolf are performing in Ottawa tonight!

I have a new friend
everybody say hi to Lola

Tuesday, September 22

Me and Usher (oh and Peter of course)
Thats a must read for anyone who hasn't seen it already
(am a bit sloooow on things work, school and all)
The season premiere of Heroes 'Orientation' was great
it just had me thinking...
how did i even survive without Heroes?
*rolling my eyes*
yeah i know! its September and am just making resolutions
I made 'em in January
am just adding 3 new now :-)
In no particular order
No drama
from a girl or guy, no drama
as soon as u smell drama, back out
nobody ever understands me when i start with my no-drama-wahala
I grew up as an 'almost-only' child
i am not used to 'they say u say'
I am not used to 'they will start saying...'
I absolutely hate'... i heard that...'
shut up already!
Its really unfortunate that i lose interest very easily
and i probably suck at keeping in touch
really i do
but anyway back to the important stuff
There's something about guys
I think all cheats look alike
I think all liars look alike
I think all skirt chasers have this particular look
am i the only person who feels that way
Oh yeah the post title... i had this dream about usher
infact... weird!
I have a class in fifteen minutes
Send ur BB pins
i need t add y'all
Much love

Wednesday, September 16

The VMA i did not watch

Chris Brown <- He is first on my list for a reason
Tip T.I Harris
Idris Elba
Paul Walker
Michael Ealy
Hayden Christensen
Jay Hernandez
Matt Dillon
All in one movie

back to my main post
What was i even doing while everyone else was watching the VMA?
ohh i was doing an assignment
A long one, and clicking all over the net for volunteer sites
did i hear you say wtf?
but thats gist for another day
So kanye did something not really surprising right?
who else but kanye?
If i were Taylor Swift that night, what would i do?
I just saw an ass-grabbing pic of kanye west and amber rose
the beautiful amber rose
but no thank you
i dont put distasteful(?) pictures on my blog

I was reading the reviews for facebook lite
Facebook for Africa: Facebook Lite
World’s number 1 social networking website Facebook last week launched a very light version of their popular platform, for people in low-bandwidth situations who still need to connect to Facebook without opting for the mobile phone versions
and i think its awesome
because for some reason my computer is sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
You can check it out
it really does load quickly
It truly is light
I still love Kanye
And i still have him on my ringtone
but like he said
"Look at the valedictorian scared of the future
While I hop in the Delorean
Scared-to-face-the-world complacent career student

Some people graduate, but be still stupid
great song

Saturday, September 12

The Inconvenient Truth

Lately I’ve been hard to reach
I’ve been too long on my own
Everybody has a private world
Where they can be alone
Are you calling me?
Are you trying to get through?
Are you reaching out for me?
Like I’m reaching out for you.

MeMoirs of an imperfectly perfect Shopaholic by Es*ay Cullen
but damn she iiiis a shopaholic
I just got off the phone with my bestfriend
I call her tweeny
Cos a lot of people think we are sisters
because according to them we really look
which i find really flattering because OMG shes a beauty
and am not just saying this cos shes my besto
am saying it cos thats the truth
Sept 10th was her birthday
and i called her to hear all the juicy details
and desciptions of all the glorious gifts i couldnt help unwrap :P

First week of School was soo not bad at all
hell, scratch that
First week of school was fab!
My mom is fine
I was with her earlier this week, back home to pick a couple of things over the weekend
and travel back to her place
Have i ever mentioned how much i love my mom?
GReEn LiViNG by Sweetness
Has anyone seen the Brita commercial
The one with an empty bottle and it says "Forever in a landfill"
I also urge you to watch the Inconvenient truth today
You can buy it online, rent it online
get it from any movie store, it is a must watch mos def!
Going green is the only option we have
My name is now Sweetness
*written in green :)*

Other developments
During the 9/11 remembrance yesterday there was a major scare apparently
A suspicious boat was spotted and fired at
This was at the Potomac River opposite The pentagon military headquaters
where Obama was giving a speech
It was later revealed to be a training exercise...

And secondly dear blogsvile
i ask what is the meaning of this?
wot do you guys think?

Wednesday, September 9

Number one

Evangelos Michelakis of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and his colleagues tested DCA on human cells cultured outside the body and found that it killed lung, breast and brain cancer cell

One minute of silence
Today is 09-09-09
Another minute of silence
You still dont get it?
cure for cancer


okay let me remind you :)

Yeah now u remember Will smiths I am legend
how the cure for cancer wiped out 7/8 of the earths population
in 2009
oh well maybe i watch too many movies
*I pray the cure is real though*
nobody deserves such pain

My love for keri... everybody knows
everybody on my facebook at least
and all the crazy bisexual keri rumours are not even allowed to be processed in my brain
they are just lyrics people of the world
I just got back from work and school so am tired
update later

As you might have noticed my posts sometimes have nothing to do with the post title

Sunday, September 6

Fag is the new sexy

Not my words
My friends girlfriend
really pweety girl
and i was looking for a title for my post
by the way
I just made a very important discovery
I danced for a whole minute
Its like finding TI's number on ur skype
okay not really
but close
Es*ay just found out that one girl she knows is preggars
preggars for who?
she doesnt know
Am starting school in two days
am wondering where my holiday went
like seriously, 2 posts ago i was making so much noise about my holiday and how i was gonna spend it, and now, am getting ' go green' notebooks. pfft
I watched this movie today
The king is mine
sounds cheesy huh?
its nice. really. the 2nd part was seriously dragged but well, whats new?
It reminded everyone of Tudors
The whole Shakespearean english
Royal setting
great movie
I just found out my housemate was prom queen
lets call her *red*
anyway shes really cool and nice
my leenarhh is back from Montreal
her sister is back from NY
enkayy will be back soon
JN is leaving Taipei around now
i missed him :-(

I wrote a 3 minute play today titled "deal or no deal"
its about sexual harrasment

Scene 1
A girl in her early 20’s, is sitting on the sofa in a house. She is wearing a grey suit and red shirt, she checks her wristwatch it’s about 6:30 in the evening. She has been there for about 10 minutes, she observes her surroundings. The house is beautifully furnished. A man walks in; he looks like he’s 48

Man: You must be Lisa
Lady: Yes sir, I am Lisa Adams.
Man: Mark Brown, pleasure meeting you
Lisa: Same here

They shake hands, he offers her a seat and sits opposite her

Mark: so can I offer you something?
Lisa: No am ok, thank you, I will just like to discuss our company’s proposal with you and...
Mark: (cuts her short) yeah I understand all that, and I am prepared to transfer my account to your company, which is why I asked you to reschedule this meeting to my place
Lisa: Oh thank you very much; this is much easier than I thought
Mark: well with someone as beautiful as you, nothing should be hard, are you sure you don’t want a drink?
Lisa: umm... no, Im ok thank you
Mark: You are a beautiful young lady Lisa, how long have you been a service agent?
Lisa: (bringing out some documents from her bag) For 6 months... can u please sign these documents sir?
Mark: (he smiles, and leans back in the chair) yeah bring them over
He looks at her, as she walks toward him, and he licks his lips, she sits down and hands him a pen
Mark: come closer, come closer... Lisa, you know I have an account your company needs very much, and I also happen to find you very attractive
He moves closer to her, and starts touching her arm, she moves back
Lisa: Excuse me? Umm sir I don’t do this
Mark: Nobody has to know, besides my wife and kids are not in the country so you can spend the night...
Lisa: what?! I do not mix business with pleasure, it is against my company’s regulations to date clients
Mark: Its not a date, lets just call it a payment for my account. Besides this is not gonna be the first time, Katy and Jasmine were here 8 months and they got my accounts for my other two companys, it was a wild night haha... we could go to my hotel if you want
Lisa: I am not so sure about this
Mark: its okay just think about how much your company needs this account, you could lose your job if you don’t get it
He smiled, and leaned back, he knew he had her now, he couldn’t wait to ravish his latest conquest
Lisa: Do you promise to give me the account?
Mark: its all yours, just do as I say

He started to unbutton her shirt
Lisa: Great!
She opened her bag and brought out a mini voice recorder from her bag and waved it in front of him, smiling
Mark: what is the meaning of these?
Lisa: well lets just say I have evidence against you now, I have recorded all our conversation and I intend to use it against you
Mark: what?!
Lisa: Your dirty deeds have caught up with you, you mess up, and I take this recorder to the cops
Mark: you have to be kidding, don’t give me that bull shit
Lisa: your case has been brought up to our station a couple of times but for lack of evidence, nothing has been done, so imagine how useful this voice recorder will be to them
Mark stood up, he knew he was busted now, but he wouldn’t give up so easily
k: well this is my house, and I can tell security to not let you out until you give me the recorder
Lisa: I am not so stupid, I am here with the cops and if I am not out in... (she looked at her watch again) in 3 minutes, they will be coming in, so do we have a deal? Its your choice, you sign my papers or I give them the recorder
Mark: This is blackmail!
Lisa: it is what you do well, you have two minutes Mark

Oh my commenting stuff is back
after how many months...
I am not so faceless after all
I should have figured
(i should just put my picture on the top right hand corner of my blog)
or not!

nyt unveiled!
its sweetness!!

Saturday, September 5

Show yourself

I was with a beautiful... um how will i refer to her
my friend, yes a beautiful friend
AND my miss beautiful friend doesnt know Brad pitt
she reads my blog
and she knows its me, why? she said cos it sounds like me
and she put two and two togather
(yeah i knew i was gonna get busted soon)
just not thiiiis soon
anyway i know u are reading this
Show urself!!!

Buyaaka Buyaaka

Inflicting tremendous pain on someone wih your words
possibly my greatest weapon (which i never use)
but do we ever realise how much pain our words can cause
especially if we lace them with the right biting remarks

Am back on twitter
*checking my nails*

Final destination was A*W*Esome

Happy birthday to my beyonce
i like beyonce
i sing all her songs is in the shower
and kitchen
shes 28!
can u imagine?
where did 25, 26 and 27 go