Thursday, September 24

Fame and Me

Am pretty excited about watching Fame tomorrow
I hope its reaally good, am gonna be disappointed if its not
like seriously its the only dance movie all year.
Right now am watching Jay Z on the Oprah show.
Great personality, he is.
Its amazing to know that all through his teenage years while he sold drugs
He never took drugs
But thats not surprising is it
'Good dealers dont do' ayt??
I just got a call from my boss
some mix up in my schedule
I am doing all my assignments now, yeah like every single one
before i go to work because am working till late
and am gonna be pretty exhausted by the time i get back home
Yes and this weekend am gonna be 'acting mommys baby'
no assignments, thank u very much
Back to my old habits
my X rated novels are back!
yes, yours truly got all the books she stashed under her bed out
and read and re-read them over and over again
Which reminds me- i have to get more

like a whole lot!
So today in class, Ricco hid my apple juice
(why?) i dont know
okay am kidding, its a little game we play
so apparently Costa had his apple juice on the desk too
And Iman kept hers too later
on that same table
all apple juice(s)
And while R is doing some other thing
I pick up an apple juice
and conveniently sipped it until class was over
and when the bell goes Ricco brings out my juice and is like
"i see u did not miss your juice today"
and am like...



I miss my boo. teribly
And no, its not the novels, i just got off the phone with him
i really do miss him, and i hate this distance

Money, Success and Fame never change you
They just bring out the you that has been hiding
when you did not have them

oh yess!
Banky W and Karl Wolf are performing in Ottawa tonight!

I have a new friend
everybody say hi to Lola


Myne Whitman said...

I also like dance movies and musicals so looking forward to FAME. Didn't know Jayz dealt drugs, na waooo. Why are you torturing yourself with Xbooks when your boo is far? Congee go catch you oo. smh (thanks for that.)

kay9 said...

@"Congee go catch you oo"
lol! abeg tell am. Well shaa, Enkay you knw my house addy shebi? Anything for a good friend... :D

yankeenaijababe said...

wow what a sweet and inspiring post, I need to check out the show knowing I missed it.

Jayz is so inspiring, Oprah too is another great woman. I really pray we have more leaders like them in society.

honey91 said...

lol...hey lola....
re u gonna go for the show?

Fabulo-la said...

Err..x rated books?
Are u talking temptations...abi na anoda level?

na wa o..Why didnt Banky come to his home state biko?

Hi fabulous Lola...

Get it?

leggy said...

lol...i want to see fame too but my friends believe that is no ride!!!
i love jay_z...too much swagger.

Rene said...

i love jay-z and u won't bliv buh i jus found out bout banky w nw in ottawa...y dint he come 2 my zone?

ttlolla said...

I've never really liked him, so maybe
watching the interview will change my mind

sweetness said...

Myne Whitman, lol congee!! haha dat just put one oversized smile on my face, dont mind me ohh... we shall see, ill always keep u posted, who knows maybe i`ll hide them soon again

kay9 lol u don try, no be small

YNB yeah the whole rags to riches story they have in common is definately a must watch, i like them both

lolas saying hi back lol
i worked till 11 last night :-( cudnt make it

¸lol yeaaah i get it!
miss fabulous! haha another level ni ohh
even the cover pictures ko easy
haha mr capable, he shud be der soon :)

lets hope they are wrong lol
still crossing my fingers
jay z`s swagger is toooo much lol am always like biko reduce am

Rene lol hes gonna be in Montreal and Tdot today :D

ttlolla u shud watch it, hes so humble upon all the swagger, sha maybe its because he respects Oprah a lot, growing up watching her and all that, but i think ul see him in a different light when u watch that


yankeenaijababe said...

Can I watch the show on Oprah's website, still checking for it. Hope you enjoy your weekend dearie.

muyiwa said...

think my first time here,watch the Jay z interview too,it was awesome, cheers

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

money and fame

Ms. 'dufa said...

Love the line on money and fame. On point!

Afronuts said...

Honestly I still cant fathom what good X rated novels do to u.

I think its torture and emotional rape.
Sweetheart abeg dont kill urself for us oh!