Saturday, September 12

The Inconvenient Truth

Lately I’ve been hard to reach
I’ve been too long on my own
Everybody has a private world
Where they can be alone
Are you calling me?
Are you trying to get through?
Are you reaching out for me?
Like I’m reaching out for you.

MeMoirs of an imperfectly perfect Shopaholic by Es*ay Cullen
but damn she iiiis a shopaholic
I just got off the phone with my bestfriend
I call her tweeny
Cos a lot of people think we are sisters
because according to them we really look
which i find really flattering because OMG shes a beauty
and am not just saying this cos shes my besto
am saying it cos thats the truth
Sept 10th was her birthday
and i called her to hear all the juicy details
and desciptions of all the glorious gifts i couldnt help unwrap :P

First week of School was soo not bad at all
hell, scratch that
First week of school was fab!
My mom is fine
I was with her earlier this week, back home to pick a couple of things over the weekend
and travel back to her place
Have i ever mentioned how much i love my mom?
GReEn LiViNG by Sweetness
Has anyone seen the Brita commercial
The one with an empty bottle and it says "Forever in a landfill"
I also urge you to watch the Inconvenient truth today
You can buy it online, rent it online
get it from any movie store, it is a must watch mos def!
Going green is the only option we have
My name is now Sweetness
*written in green :)*

Other developments
During the 9/11 remembrance yesterday there was a major scare apparently
A suspicious boat was spotted and fired at
This was at the Potomac River opposite The pentagon military headquaters
where Obama was giving a speech
It was later revealed to be a training exercise...

And secondly dear blogsvile
i ask what is the meaning of this?
wot do you guys think?


Mike jayy said...

oh yes i saw the obama joker picture on the news, i think its really funny
the guy who did it is a huge obama and heath ledger fan
he was on the news yesterday

ttlolla said...

The obama picture was not funny at alll.
I watched it live as well, imagine my fear of another attack, stupid training exercise

Myne Whitman said...

Is that a real Time magazine cover? I don't think it's funny.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Nice post!!!

That picture of Obama is real funny, is this the real TIMEs magazine

sweetness said...

Mike Jayy yeah i also read bout that
He was on the news right?
Everybody is seeing the funny side and saying how 'artistic' he is...
oh well

ttlolla the pic is something else honestly
i was scared wen i saw it too!

Myne Whitman nah it wasnt used as a Time cover, the guy just photoshoped one of obamas pic on Time magazines cover and uploaded it on flickr and its all over now

The girl with the red hair thanxx hun, its funny i was like huh?? when i saw it lol
nah its not on the magazine cover

honey91 said...

that is such a freaky pic of obama...its seems more like the persone was moking him!..urrgghhh

~B~ said...

Hi, I'm ~B~ nd I'm the next Al gore. (By Gods Grace) :)

p.s- I love d movie

sweetness said...

honey91 lol yeah
but press interview says no ones mocking him

hey ~B~ sweetie you forgot to click on the anonymous tab :)

~B~ said...

Nah, ddnt fget. jst decided not t :)

Anonymous said...

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