Tuesday, September 22

Me and Usher (oh and Peter of course)

Thats a must read for anyone who hasn't seen it already
(am a bit sloooow on things work, school and all)
The season premiere of Heroes 'Orientation' was great
it just had me thinking...
how did i even survive without Heroes?
*rolling my eyes*
yeah i know! its September and am just making resolutions
I made 'em in January
am just adding 3 new now :-)
In no particular order
No drama
from a girl or guy, no drama
as soon as u smell drama, back out
nobody ever understands me when i start with my no-drama-wahala
I grew up as an 'almost-only' child
i am not used to 'they say u say'
I am not used to 'they will start saying...'
I absolutely hate'... i heard that...'
shut up already!
Its really unfortunate that i lose interest very easily
and i probably suck at keeping in touch
really i do
but anyway back to the important stuff
There's something about guys
I think all cheats look alike
I think all liars look alike
I think all skirt chasers have this particular look
am i the only person who feels that way
Oh yeah the post title... i had this dream about usher
infact... weird!
I have a class in fifteen minutes
Send ur BB pins
i need t add y'all
Much love


leggy said...

lol...kk,im about to go read the this day thing..but guh!!carry your ass to class.

Myne Whitman said...

No drama I agree, please what is smh?

sweetness said...

leggy just got back from class, off to work
smh is shaking my head dear

Fabulo-la said...

I agree with u...
All liars, cheets and skirt chasers def look alike..
Ive always known it personally..


honey91 said...

lol...resolutions in september yh?....dats new

ttlolla said...

Exactly, my philosophy for thr rest of my life, let no man( man , woman or child) cause me drama for it is too much for me

sweetness said...

hey fabulo-la
yess!! Thank God am not weird lol just added u ;)

dont mind me, i can do and undo lol

at all and if there is any smell of drama coming up walk away... simple :)

The Pearls Incorporated said...

hiiiiii...this isnt random or a virus or something lol
you know? you have to check this blog out!
there's something for everybody!