Saturday, September 5

Show yourself

I was with a beautiful... um how will i refer to her
my friend, yes a beautiful friend
AND my miss beautiful friend doesnt know Brad pitt
she reads my blog
and she knows its me, why? she said cos it sounds like me
and she put two and two togather
(yeah i knew i was gonna get busted soon)
just not thiiiis soon
anyway i know u are reading this
Show urself!!!

Buyaaka Buyaaka

Inflicting tremendous pain on someone wih your words
possibly my greatest weapon (which i never use)
but do we ever realise how much pain our words can cause
especially if we lace them with the right biting remarks

Am back on twitter
*checking my nails*

Final destination was A*W*Esome

Happy birthday to my beyonce
i like beyonce
i sing all her songs is in the shower
and kitchen
shes 28!
can u imagine?
where did 25, 26 and 27 go


Anonymous said...

I'm here!!!
awwwwwwww! U think I'm beautiful!! *blush* dnt worry, ur secret's safe with me :)

Anonymous said...

nd btw, I KNO Brad pitt now! :P

sweetness said...

miss Anonymous hmmm YOU!!!!
aaah okay people now she knows Brad Pitt :P

David said...

sweetness u are back, who is brad pitt?
just joking

Rene said...

r u kiddin me? yay! i can finally comment...geez! wot do i wanna say again? ooooo av 4gotten...hiss!

leggy said...

i cant believe you reactivated your comment ish and i was not informed?im sooooo hurt!!a
i love b too.

sweetness said...

*david* yeah am bk its been a while
*Rene* lol it will come bk to you :)
*leggy* since i did i haven't been bk to blogger, until now

Fabulo-la said...

UR commenting is baack!

Sheit...time flies faster the older you get..

And yah..we forget how deadly words are

sweetness said...

Fabulo-la yes dearie it is
yup time really flies
nd words hurt
hope ur fab? :)

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Anonymous said...

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