Tuesday, October 20

The Law abiding citizen

am not gonna spoil it for anyone
but DAMN!
For my people on blogsville that have watched it...
Did u find it as wonderful-in-a-i-have-to-write-the-producer-a-long-thank-you-letter way?
I did!
Jamie Foxx was excellent
And so was Gerald Butler
(wow... so Romantic comedys were not his only forte)
Off to bed, lovely people
I'll be back, when i have real posts
Forgive me :(


Myne Whitman said...

I must watch it then, Gerard Butler is my guy but SO is jealous hehehe. Let em go and convince.

Didn't you watch 300? Romance is not his forte at all.

Rene said...

Oh Lawd! it was beautiful.....i wouldn't mind writting the longest letter eva to thank the producers and writer and whoever else was involved in the production...lol

sweetness said...

Myne Whitman
True! not at all :)
dear you should watch it and tell blogsville what you think
I have no doubt that you will enjoy it x

Rene loooool
am gonna writ one for us
and u just have to sign!

Repressed One said...

I loved loved LOVED the movie!! They both did a marvelous job!

sweetness said...

Repressed One
ohhh yes u did!
aah i see we've got a L.A.C fan club growing lol
have a good day

Afronuts said...

Did you just say you never knew Romance was not Gerard Butler's Forte?

Are u saying u never saw '300'?

leggy said...

i saw this movie yesterday night.offffff....it was off the chain!!i loved it,not crazy about the end but loved it.


hmmm, watched it. thought it was alright. I honestly kind of felt bad for Gerard Butler's character, you know? He has a nice butt by the way, lol!


sweetness said...

Afronuts yeah i did. I was just comparing his latest work to the one before the last
300 was good, not my favoryt just ok

Leggy yeah the end... what can i say?
it was a choice he had to 'live' with<<- irony lol

solomonsydelle i know! dat butt lol
i liked his character... did not want him to end up the way he did... not that i would change the script for anything!

muyiwa said...

i have not seen this movie,i ll figure it our,cheers

blogoratti said...

Guess it's a must watch..

sweetness said...

Muyiwa its a nice movie
have a great day!

blogoratti yup u can say that again
thanks for dropping by :)