Thursday, October 8

When the centre cannot hold...

It wasn’t writers block
Or bloggers blog, sorry I meant block
It was both
Add school, work and a very bad flu in there
Mix very well, keeping in mind the million times u logged on blogsville
read, laughed, and quietly signed out
garnish with a movie a two
serve with lots of love and an apology
And enjoy what it brings
Todays post!

Okay first things first
What i think about Fame
Well it wasn't disapointing
It was just okay
Its just not my fave dance movie
The last 30 minutes *two thumbs up*
but before then
i had checked my wristwatch about six times...
and by sweetness' standards
thats a no-no for a movie thats supposed to be worth watching
But the soundtrack has been in my head ever since
and so has this music video
i just love it

Things fall apart
My very good friend was taking part
and that was the only reason i went to watch the play
and it was worth every minute
i hadn't laughed so much in a long while
An anonymous blogger was also in the play
she knows her self *giggles*
I was gonna put her picture in the costume and all but there's no point
since u dont even know the anonymous blogger
even without the afro *evil laugh*

On someone's stupidity
This tall slim, off a magazine cover blonde in Leather and jeans meets me one night
while i was stuggling to close accounts with all the noise going on
her: (noisily chewing gum, not so impressive considering the carefully and beautifully made face) where can i get water for the performers
me: (*blank stare* okay so what if am wearing a shirt that says staff, you are right in front of the fridge)... umm i dunno what kind of water the performers take but everybody else gets water from that fridge

was that harsh? i'll blame it on the ah ah aah test coming up tuesday

On my Flu
God is finally paying me for all the wicked things i think and do
I woke up one morning with a terrible flu
so bad i was scared it was swine flu
Tufiakwa! mba!
not my portion
am feeling much better now thank you

On facebook

The old feeling is back, am finally getting what all the fuss about twitter is about
i love it... for now

Theres this ghanaian film
Heart of Men... with Majeed, Jackie et all
hands together for the first west african porno
what can i say
havent watched it yet but the trailer i saw said more than enough
oh well am keeping my fingers crossed
until i watch it
An old friend found me on facebook yesterday...
Red has a blog
so does esay
anyway am off to bed

before i leave... heres wishing Aisha happy married life
i finally found a picture i loved enough to share with you guys
isnt she a beautiful bride?

have a great weekend guys
much love!


Yinkuslolo said...

hey, where was the play acted?

sweetness said...

At Carleton University Canada
it was a day after the Independence anniversary

leggy said...

i actually know someone who acted in this particular wa oh.this is a small world.and i havent watched fame,said i was going to then changed my mind.

honey91 said...

Thank God u feel better!
a lotta pple around here re getting the flu like crazy

Fabulo-la said...

Glad u r feeling better..
Who si Aisha..shes really pretty

Good luck on ur test tuesday

Anonymous said...

LOL! wiked child!
I would've so killed u if u had..
get well soon hun!

muyiwa said...

sorry on your flu,take care of yourself

sweetness said...

leggy really? wow small world
well u shud go see it, u might like it xx

honey91 yeah its da new craze oh lol, i cant shout!

Fabulo-la thanx dear, aishas just a family friend who got married of recent hows u?

anonymous yaaay i knew ud comment
lol i wouldnt dare thanks dear

sweetness said...

muyiwa thanks my dear, ur too kind!

Sunensi Designs said...

love your blog. leaving my footprint :)

Abena said...

good that ur feeling better and nice new look to your blog.

sweetness said...

Sunensi a well appreciated footprint!
off to leave mine over at urs

Abena thanks dear n yeah am much betta
love x


Hope you are feeling better.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

sweetness is back..i was gonna come *?!@$ but thank God you are now berra...

Myne Whitman said...

I read the reviews on Fame and decided not to see it. That Things fall apart looks interesting.

Take care of yourself OK?