Monday, November 16

Fangs, Fur and Kissing girls

Its Tuesday
Then Wednesday
New Moon
Go team Edward
So apparently some Twitsphere gist blew up in Blogsville
I was chatting with a friend couple of days back
And my bb pic was (is actually)
me and a friend in Quebec
Oh yes people i went to Quebec...
Montebello to be exact,for a field trip
It was awesome
It was on friday the 13th
the oh-so-famous jinxed day
umm... no, we did not make any wrong turn
we did not end up in the middle of nowhere
There was no bloood, or headless horseman, or girl in stained white dress, glassy eyes. No well, No empty well, nobody coming out of an empty well
no nothing
Unfortunately *sigh*
who says a little bit of screaming doesn't spice up everything
i digress
The picture i put up was of me and a friend
And the girl i was chatting with said nice pic, i was like Thanks
And i gave her the whole Montebello gist
*Check above for full gist*
so she says nice pic
and am like thanx
and she says are you going out?
are you going out?
I honestly thought she was saying
Are you going out
as in am I going out
(i was actually going out, for a friends dinner, her birthday dinner,it was fun, Fierce, Esay and the guys were there...)
Oh i digress!
So i said yeah
As in to the question
are you going out
*Check 12 upper lines for clarification*
and she was like nice
u make a lovely couple
umm *raising eyebrows* is this message for me?
I miss my girlfriend
Excuse me??!! say whaaaaat?!
erm... wait am i going out with who?
what? her? the girl in this picture?
No i am not going out with her or with any girl for that matter
and what did you say?
Ur gir..gir...girlfriend?
Am sorry i have to say this
But seriously am i the only way who finds a Nigerian admitting to be gay damn awkward??
Am i?
am? i?
didn't think so...

Yeah i know there are Lesbians and Homosexuals in Nigeria
And i seriously think its a free world and all
My best friend is Gay
noo wait, he's Asian
And hes been like that for ages
NO double standard here
But this girl is Nigerian
And i saw her two years ago
She was suffering from yet another heartbreak
from the time i can remember
She has had bad relationships
Bad boyfriends
Terrible boyfriends
But does that justify anything?
Aaah men this is a huge shock
Imagine ur friend telling you this
She sent me a picture of her and her girlfriend
Am supposed to be a good friend abi?
After all I am supposed to like her for who she is not what she is
or is it what she is, and not who she is?
Am mega confused here
And am not just gonna throw away 10 years of friendship just because umm... oh well, shes gay and proud
After all Ellen is Gay and i am her number one fan
I would never miss her show if not for work and school
She has a great sense of Humour and she makes me laugh
She had Dakota Fanning (SP?) on her show this afternoon and while she was asking Dakota if she believed in Vampires, she had this guy dressed as a vampire, come and scare Dakota, she screamed, it was hilarious
Aaaah... i digress!!!!
(wont do this again... promise)
anyway that is the gist sha
we havent talked today with her
nooooo... its my battery
People am not that mean!!!

By the way - on a totally unrelated gist
Starbucks have the Christmas blend
Go Coffee!
Go Starbucks!!
Ho Ho Ho!!!
Now this my dear people
i would rather kiss


Fierce said...

@ the last picture, you KNOW I would DEFINITELY KISS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol... seriously though, and no offense to gay people (love y'all), but I would not switch teams as long as THAT face (or another of the same caliber) graced the face of the earth! *deep sigh* Oh Rob, I love your eyes, and your british accent!!!!!
but I digress... lol
I know it's weird that there are Nigerian gays (and maybe just a little hard to accept) but it's still the fact and as much as it still shocks me *slight shiver*, Nigerians are going gay! Oh well, c'est la vie and all that jazz...
*chanting Friday, Friday, Friday, NEW MOON!*

sweetness said...

Lol cest la vie abi
a happier thot

Nice Anon said...

okay will at least see the movie when a good copy comes out online. Jacob or whoever that plays him is so handsome

honey91 said...

cant say i know how it feels to have a gay friend...buh it must be so akward to find out like dat..
well, i think u shud just not make it a big sure she wudn't want that

sweetness said...

Nice Anon yeah soon am sure
Yeah they are all godd looking guys
Honey91 true. Thanx hun
dats so right... i guess i got over it after the initial shock lol

Myne Whitman said...

I think I'm on team Jacob on this one...Pity about your friend. Don't push her off sha.

Lady X said...

Awww don't push her away! I don't think people should be mean and all to gay people cuz some people are just very mean and I don't think it's fair but to be honest I do feel a bit awkward when I see a gay black person. I have no idea why. Maybe she's bisexual! Hey! You never know!

Lady X said...

And I would lick Robert. Not just kiss him. Lick him. LMAO

sweetness said...

Myne Whitman ayt, i wont. lol Jacob doesnt sparkle loool
Lady X lmao crazy sexy lick huh? i know that kind
yeah its truly awkward... thnk God am not alone, the bisexual part, time will tell Xx

leggy said...

you know, i think im all open minded about the whole thing but i dont know why i feel soooo uncomfortable when i meet a gay nigerian,i feel sooo awkward.
and new moon?am i seriously the only one thats not excited?

Smileyfreak said...

Your Ellens number one fan?? Have I been demoted??? lol :)

sweetness said...

leggy same with me, i wanna believe am open minded but dayemm lol
its sooo uncomfortable
how far with your blog...
ur not excited about new moon... are u kidding haha leggy am not surprised
its like ur not a movie person, u were not excited about Fame... or any other lol Xx

Smileyfreak yeah u have been demoted it was even announced on national Tv hehe
Thnx for dropping by

Ebony~!* said...

my sweetest sweetness, hehe! see this girl wants to jam your brain die?! you did not tel her we do not roll like that? ha! egba mi o! hehe...hmmm those lips!........HMMMMM! lol let me not talk! how doeseth you sha?

Fabulo-la said...

Oh I cannot wait! Lool

Ah ah dont alienate ur frnd now...

sweetness said...

Ebony dear i doeseth well
aah she knows now... my heartbreak never reach that one oh lol
dont mind me, i have been uploading his pictures like madd xx
Fabulo-la go team!!!
i am counting hours! its sooo bad lol, aah aah no now, me ke? we still dey kampe... after one day of not talking lol

m1ke said...

I believe in naija we have gays and lesbians as we have in other worlds but we are hypocritical about such issues. this arguments no dey end for naija jare

Sassy Trends said...

Na real kissable man.........hmnnn
Aw have you been gurl?

sweetness said...

@m1ke true, just like any other country
and true when these arguments start, they dont end
Thanks for dropping by, much appreciated
@Sassy Trends
lol kissable abi? u wont tell me to come back to my senses and put a nigerian brother there abi? lol
i am fine, long time xx

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