Wednesday, November 18

Help blogsville!

I just got off the fone with my friend from the last post
I missed two of her calls when i was in class
So i called her back
It was not awkward at all
Can u imagine?
It was normal! like the way it used to be
(not that i was expecting anything to change Lol)
I hinted that i mentioned her on my blog
(She knows i have a Blog)
And she was like hope you didnt put my pictures?
My mom reads blogs!
Am like no hell no
Thanks guys for all the advice and stuff

Theres a Christmas party at work
Am looking forward to it
So a colleague was asking if i was coming
I answered in the affirmative
and she was like shes coming with her boyfriend
Hes so shy but really gorgeous
She encourages him to be a stripper
Thats when i started laughing, she was like for real they will make so much money
and no she wasnt kindding
Shes so awesome!
She keeps me sane at work
Theres Secret Santa going on
We were all signed up
And during lunch today we picked a piece of paper
Each piece had someone's name on it
And you are gonna buy that person a christmas gift
You are not supposed to ask or tell that person
Until at the Christmas party when you give that person their gift
Now heres the problem!
The name on my piece of Paper is Dylan
Fact File
Irish Canadian
Lived in Florida all his life
Moved to Canada 3 years ago

Another picture...

Have a blessed day y'all


honey91 said...

uhm...perfume works a nice gift bag u know...
but if u knw anything about him like the kind of spots he's into and blah blah blah...dat could give u some ideas

leggy said...

a cologne works everytime, or you could just draw him a picture.ha ha ha.kidding oh.

Myne Whitman said...

I don't stray from chocolate or cookies for gifts to strangers. Let us know what you decide.

Myne Whitman said...

Almost forgot, I like your friend already, she's just cool like that. Say hi to her for me.

And yeah, Jacob might not sparkle but can Edward change into an wolf on demand? LOL

sweetness said...

@honey91 perfume yeah?
sports? well he likes hockey
what do i know about hockey?
except the ottawa senators win all games? he is an ottawa senators fan lol
@leggy loool picture? i only draw caricatures, am that bad loool
i prefer ur first suggestion dear, the cologne :)
@Myne Whitman yeah? chocs sound good to me too
lol my friend? really aww, i'll tell her
i'll try to get her to start blogging, wish me luck! lol
Aaaah jacob 'on demand' huh?
nice comeback!
thank u so much guys
i'll let u know what i pick out eventually

Lady X said...

Yup they've all said it. Good old perfume! You can never go wrong with it!

Ms.O said...

Choclate works.. and most jobs have a limit on how much you can spend.. so yea choclate.

sweetness said...

@LadyX true! dats what everybody says
@Ms.O yeah its true we have a limit too give or take...and chocs or perfume fit perfectly

musco said...

follow ur heart & get him wt u think is right.

nice blog(1st time here)!

sweetness said...

Thanks Musco!!
ur too kind


wow, wish I could make a suggestion but the perfume sounds like a great idea, actually.

Hope all is well.

m1ke said...

buy am native cloth, Made in Naija package

Rene said...

a nice cologne doesn't sound bad

Smileyfreak said...

Chocolate :) Everybody loooooves chocolate. I'm glad all is well with your friend

LucidLilith said...

Music...snoop around and try to find out what he listens to...OR get him an itunes gift card so he can buy what music he wants.

miss b said...

babez i swear where dya get dese pics?? am starting to think you take/draw them urslef!!!
and am glad the comments are back and that temporary no comment madness is gone!!!!