Sunday, December 20

Exams. Done!

This post represents the official view of the voices in my head

So i wrote my last paper
How can someone be so excited after exams?
i can't explain it myself
I cant even explain how i missed blogging
well actually i lost my Mojo for writing
I have been saying Mojo alot
infact let me find out the Real meaning of Mojo
The word originally means a charm or a spell. But now its more commonly said meaning sex appeal or talent.

Haha!! Sex apppeal

Your cool/style essence.
Thanks Urban Dictionary

So i basically lost the zeal to write
Y'all know how it is


I typed that three four days ago... can't remember
and i saved it, just remembered it as i was typing todays post
Britanny Murphy is dead. The girl from Clueless, 8 mile, Uptown girls, Love and other disasters

If i was not blogging
Photography will be my hobby
But then again i'll put the pictures online and make a photo blog
so that will still make me a blogger right?

I have been hearing so many good reviews about the movie Avatar
from my friends on facebook, twitter, bb chat and blogsville
I am going to tell you three reasons why i was never never eager to see this movie
1. I am very attracted to good looking people and honestly when watching a movie thats what keeps me going apart from a good storyline. Blue skinned aliens just dont make me tick,
2. they even have tails
3. I was secretly hoping Titanic will be James Camerons best movie

but apparently there is something skin deep and really remarkable about this movie apart from the blue and green tinged skin
And theres a love story, you all know am a sucker for love stories
So am going to watch it next week.

5 days to Chrstmas!
Am gonna say 5 random things that happened to me in 2009
* I fell out of love

* I got my first paycheck

*I grew up, emotionally and mentally

* 2009... Nine years on, and he is forever in my heart. Celebrated yet another birthday without my Dad.

* And i volunteered at an organization called Easter Seals, helped to raise money for kids living with disabilities

According to a Research 95% of females look at the mirror and see only imperfections
7 out of every 10 women look at the mirror and point 3 body parts they will like to modify
The remaining 3 would like to modify just one body part
Girls around ages 15-19 find faults in their nose
Those around 17-24 feel something is wrong with their arms and stomachs
3 out of every 4 girls believe they will look better if they were slimmer
240 different guys from different continents looked at videos and close up pictures of these girls and thought they were beautiful
56% of these guys believed they were looking at pictures and videos of foreign actresses
98% of the guys could not find any fault in the girls
2% of the guys said three of the girls looked 'insecure' and 'unsure'
None of these girls were models or actresses, they were normal girls who submitted applications for cosmetic surgeries
Dear Reader. You are beautiful.
Yes you are.
The pic ur about to see is NOT a joke

Current Listen:
Alicia keys: Sleeping with a broken heart
Jay Z: Song cry


honey91 said...

i think girls jus need to realise that they are beautiful...
lol bout the picture...

sweetness said...

yeah speaking of beauty
YOU are beautiful :)
yeah dat pic is like....

TayneMent said...

I don't know man that disease where we see only imperfection seems ingrained in our dna.

Rene said...

you some of these girls see the imperfection because they think they're meant to

sweetness said...

TayneMent I know right? For some reason like its encoded in our DNA
I guess its an XX thing

Rene I can't understand! And these girls are the closest to perfection u wanna imagine xx

Lady X said...

Haha! They said Largest I think she was thinking Fattest. Maybe someone has told her she's huge like an elephant and that's why she said elephant. My take on the whole loving yourself thing is just get OVER whatever it is you think is wrong with you and walk around feeling hot with yourself. The more you keep doing that the more you wont need to fake that you're feeling hot with yourself. You'll actually believe it!

HYAW said...

seeing imperfection is more complicated than just a disease, i think it's a spirit. anyway nice work with the song titles, must have taken some time. nice blog!

LucidLilith said...

Its weird. I am 5ft 5inches, 140 pounds. When I look in the mirror, I see fatty deposits all over my torso, fatty arms, a bum that could use toning, and skin that needs some work.

leggy said...

deep breath!!
that said.welcome back.

sweetness said...

lol LadyX i like ur take on why she answered elephant!
yeah true just look past whatever you feel makes u less pretty and bask in the glory of ur best features, wouldnt have said it better dear xx

HYAW yeah its really much more complicated. its a spirit true, thanks dear, i cant get over ur lovely blog too :)

LucidLilith but how? thats sounds great to me!!! i know people gyming to get to 160 pounds, u are 140, you are beautiful, because i know i will see a different image from what u see in the mirror dear

Leggy OMG For the first time ur excited about a movie... lol i have to see this!
thanks a bunch guys

Myne Whitman said...

It's been a while dear, I'm glad you got your mojo back. I love this write-up, we women sef, what to do? I'm guilty too.

AVATAR is a must see I tell you.

Fierce said...

"I think I would look better skinnier" NOT!!! If I was any skinnier, I'd be declared missing.
I really wish there was a way to just inject girls with self-esteem, seriously! Until then I think I'll just have to settle for bitch-slapping the ones I come across, that should get my message in lol. No, I'm not usually this violent, so no, you don't need fibre-glass windows and concrete walls.

BSNC said...

i heard the movie avatar was good too, but my mum says she cannot watch a movie with blue people lol.

i love that alica keys song; sleeping with a broken heart.

how are you by the way.

sweetness said...

Myne Whitman, thanx dear,you do too? seriously? wow :) so do i
Ok Avatars rating has just gone up by another 10% due to ur recommendation

Fierce, lol ud be declared missing!
hmmm concrete walls.... thanks for mentioning that! i should have that installed... xoxo

BSNC, the divine brown goddess herself :D howdy? da same thing i said lol
i like the video too, am fine hun, bet u are too

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

sweetness...**zips mouth**
welcome back sweetie!
i thought you were going to put
out a pic of you!

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

did i say put out?
i meant put up...

muyiwa said...

yeah nice one,i think youg girls are reading this for encourgement,i am trying to see the Avatar too oo

2cute4u said...

I don't just know hoe you do it,butyou're reall good... so good. clue me in !lol

sweetness said...

David my dear! how have u been? lol
my scary pic? soon :)
oh by da way english class first period tmrw
i happen to be a strict teacher, be early!

Muyiwa u shud see Avatar, its good :)

2cute4u thanx hun, just left ur blog, beautiful place :) thnx for dropping by


My World said...

I was smiling all da way!
Aww, I was a huge fan of Brittany's.
Yea, I feel so good after exams 2.

Ehm,I dont think I belong to that group o bcos seriously, da way I dey see maself for mirror,I wan join beauty contest sef.
But seroiusly, I seem to have too much self esteem for ma health...hehehe!
Avatar definately not for me.

Yay for volunteer work.....and yes,I fell outta love too.

Nice post dear!

sunnyside said...

I believe that when u take good care of ur body and u look in the mirrow u ll be proud of what u see. .

Thanks for ur comment on my blog. It really meant a lot.

sunnyside said...

I believe that when u take good care of ur body and u look in the mirrow u ll be proud of what u see. .

Thanks for ur comment on my blog. It really meant a lot.

sweetness said...

My World, Spesh dear, theres nothing wrong about so much self esteem, i think its fantastic, infact i wish it was contagious! lol

Sunnyside. true dat!
i really believe so, ul be proud of what u see
oh dear, you are most definately welcome! x

My World said...

Sweetness, of ocs it can be contagious.....hehehe!

miss b said...

hahahaha, i think an elephant is bigger too! OMG i need to stop picking at my body as well, and obsessing abt my imperfections! New year resolutions!
Meanwhile who did u fall in and out love with??
And May your Dad rest in peace...Amin
Happy New year boo, xoxo

Suru said...

I'm late on this post but first time on your blog and it's lovely. I'm not surprised with the whole mirror thing. Image is a big thing today.

sweetness said...

Thanx miss b
Amin my dear
as for the person i fell out of love ith
thats post for another day

Suru, thanx dearie
I just left your blog and its lovely as well
Yeah Image is a big thing today

CerebrallyBusy said...

im a big fat sucker for love stories, im not even gonna deny it...

15-19 yes i do believe there's somn wrong wif my nose lol

17-24:NOTHING is wrong wif my arms or stomach, they are perfect!

BUT i am beautiful jo!
All the pretty ladies! now put ur legs up!

seun atm said...

I wonder why I am just seeing this. Are you going to fall back in love this year tho?

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