Thursday, January 7


School is reopening on Monday.
Today was my friend Nk's birthday
We had dinner at Chances R.. it was awesome
I just heard that a former classmate is dead
The only one person that can hurt you is the one person you give the chance
I'm Scared to try cuz I'm scared to fail

I'm scared to die cuz I'm scared of hell

I'm scared of you cuz I'm scared of me

I'm scared to fly I'm scared to crash

I'm scared of love cuz I'm scared he'll leave

I'm scared to swim cuz I'm scared to sink

I'm scared to learn cuz I'm scared of truth

I'm scared to start cuz I'm scared I'll quit

I'm scared to grow up cuz I'm scared to get old

I'm scared of the dark and being alone

Scared to share a secret cuz I'm scared you'll tell

This must be the worst part of falling so deeply in love with someone
Fearing that they will leave

Current Listen: Jazmine Sullivan, Fears

Monday, January 4

lies... so much lies

I just finished unpacking
Earlier today i was reading All I want.. again
I am listening to Adam Lambert on TV
Looking at my phone.. hoping it doesnt ring
Not now atleast and thats just because i wanna watch the secret life on the american teenager and its starting in a few minutes
I started following it like a week ago
and i love it already
Happy New Year people!
I was with with my Mom all this while
She keeps complaining that i dont eat
And i remembered my last post
So my Boo read my blog
all of it
and he said "am never gonna read your bog again"
Sometimes i think i have the bestest friends one can ever wish for
Its freezing outside, so much
There is a disturbing gist i need to share with you guys
This girl from my former school wanted to break up with her boyfriend
Her boyfriend of 4 years, really nice, faithful and smart
Her Reason: Her Dad suggested she gets married to his friends son and she can never 'disobey' her dad
The truth of the matter, she thinks Mr Family friend is richer than her boyfriend even though he is older, afterall all her friends are getting married
Her Problem: She cant break up with him cos her conscience wouldnt let her after all he has been through for her
See this chick talking about conscience when her eye is scopping the BMW wedding gift, honeymoon in Dubai and Switzerland...
So her 'friends' advice her to do a 'ya kopsa'
ya kopsa = he effed up literally
apparently thats a new way of breaking up with people
that only a few nasty ones know about
And its been going on for a while
A totally random girl, probably in the same uni or outside is paid to sleep with him
My mind is thinking somewhere around the line hooker much?
She probably starts hitting on him in the club, class... wherever
The whole process takes about a week
Sometimes it doesnt really get to the sleeping part
somewhere around the kisses and make out session
Miss Girlfriend comes around

and does the whole act
" I cant believe this!!! how could you?!"
Creating a scene, and officially breaking up with him
Leaving the poor guy feeling bad about
'Cheating' on her
or almost cheating on her

How unfair is this? seriously?
So, this case went bad when after weeks of him trying to get back to his girlfriend, apologising while shes recovering from the so called heartbreak enjoying a guilt free shopping spree for her wedding
A friend of hers who felt the guy did not deserve such pain told him the whole story
and even brought the hooker.. sorry other girl to verify the story

Hmm life
Very intersting

Hey guys gotta run, The secret life just started
Much love