Friday, March 12

No Words, Another Jumble of words :)

Goodness, i am blogging again, after so long
No words can describe this feeling
It feels new to me. Its been a while
Well naturally am gonna blame it on school and twitter, yes twitter.
putting updates about what am up to every 30 minutes sort of makes blogging... (wait wait... i didn't say unnecessary)it makes blogging hard.
Okay now the real reason. Unveiled. Yeah,sweetness isn't an anonymous blogger anymore, so honestly, i just hold back.

I found interesting pictures (i say interesting due to lack of a better word)or should i call them clip shots from BANNED commercials, am sure i mentioned it sometime last year, i google up banned commercials for lack of anything better to do. lol. but seriously its not a joke
and am gonna be putting up these pictures as i go along, tell me what you think, are they really bad, overly suggestive or distasteful.

Then i came across these

No words can bring one poor soul back
Just Prayers.
Prayers for Peace, Understanding, Forgiveness and Humanity

I read eyes
I get withdrawn when i notice the slightest negative energy
I forget easily
I remember names of my teachers from Nursery school
I cant remember what i wore yesterday

I imagine my Funeral just like that
I have 5 scenarios of how i am gonna die
The first one was when i was 11

I dont watch Horror films

I honestly love my mom with every fibre in my being

I act like i dont know somethings just because.
I cry when i see old people that are helpless

I dont trust easily

I have terrible mood swings

I write Random things

I love old movies

My greatest fear is Cancer

I dont know what i'll term as my happiest day

I am addicted to the smell of unwrapped soap
I inhale washing detergent
I believe i get high on it
I cant leave Walmart without going to the detergent section

I make a thousand things up

I listen... to you talk

If you insist that i talk, i can talk about nothing - its a gift

I cry when i pray... and he forgives me

I will end up as a vegetarian


" Its gonna be on Visa please"
I can recognize a Nigerian Voice anywhere, its not just the voice its the accent, or maybe how we stress the 'gonna' and 'wanna' in our sentences.
And this particular voice, i knew a little too well, i looked up and of course it was her, looking on point as usual.
" Hi Sandra! " I said, some people have this effect of bringing out my ridiculously cheery alter ego, she was one of the few. That's cos she has this lively and bubbly personality, its almost infectious.
"Hows it going?" i asked, taking her card, newly manicured tips, bright red, like her lips bright red, some girls are blessed with pulling off things like these.
"OMG sweetness!, where have you been?" she gushed, pushing the fringe away from her face, it fell back again, covering her eyes again, she pushed it away one more time.
The smile on her face completely transformed her, the looked younger than her 22 years.
" I have been around, school... work" i said as i collected her card and punched in the amount i gave her back to punch her password
"yeah, same with me", she said, "i haven't seen you since Montreal"
" I know right.. I..."
I suddenly forgot what i wanted to say
I paused
I looked again
Then i saw it.
Scars, across her wrists, both wrists.
I stared. dumbfounded.
I've read about this a couple of times, but, someone as happy who looked as happy as her?
are you kidding me???
She looked up, saw what i was looking at and the smile faded, her eyes shifted, i met her gaze as she tugged her sleeves down.
No words
it wouldnt be enough
No words
The silence said alot
No words 
It wasn't an awkward kind of silence, it was a shocked one. You know, the one that suddenly stays in the room with you when you find out something u wish you didn't.
"see you around" or at least thats what i think she mumbled
 i watched her walk away, like anyone else
I couldn't find my smile for the rest of the day, i kept wondering
What on Earth could be so bad, that you would try to take your own life
And look how happy everyone thinks she is
Look how happy she makes the people around her
Who would have ever thought...


Anonymous said...

finally she writes an actual post
i think that burger king picture is maddd lmao
nice post

Michael said...

wooooooooooooooow burger king is crazy nd the DG pic too, wow so many interesting randoness, cool i like how u wrote dat
depression is a terrible thing, i hope sandra never tries to slash her wrists again
suicide is a sin

neefemi said...

Good to know a lil bit about you...sad news about your friend, its funny cos im like her, you never see the bad in me except i want you to, i'm always smiles, i write abt my bad stuff more than i speak abt it...with that said nothing is bad enough that you need to cut yourself and thats unfortunate, try and reach out to her if you can

Lady X said...

The one who laughs the most cries the most inwardly or when no one is looking. I'm always saying that when I hear about stuff like this.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

The D&G ad is too erotic, more like a lady been raped and others waiting for their turn.

You friend is such a sad one.

Have a lovely weekend

la~pimpette said...

Behind all the smiles, there is always a story!

sweetness said...

hi anonymous
yeah finally lol
7 inch right? dats crazy

Michael i know depression is terrible
and yeah the DnG is smthn else

neefemi are you serious, so much like you? like u keep so many things to yourself too? wow thats interesting, so many people are like that.
i dunno how to reach out, i dunno what to say, ill try though, thanx for the suggestion

LadyX you are so right but now ur making me think twice when i see people who have so much fun
you for instance, ur so fun loving, crazy n cool, i hope u dont have suicidal thots too? please dont

The Girl with The red Hair
Lol yeah thats what it looks like, rape. except she doesnt look like she minds. lol
thanx dearie have a great weekend too

word! u can say that again, i totally agree

Wow thanx guys for the comments
feels like i never went away Xx

leggy said...

oh well, i think you should look out for that your friend..i think they just need one person who they know cares if they die or live.
i love the posters.really nice.

Lady X said...

Lol! I don't have suicidal thoughts. You read my story about what happened to me and my friends right? Whenever I talk about it or someone mentions it to someone and I'm there the reaction is usually 'OMG! Are you serious? But you're such a happy person!'

So I mean people that always seem so happy have reasons. Either A. They're just happy people, B. Something happened to them to make them think 'Hey I should be more happy Life's too short' or C. They are hiding their sadness like your friend.

sweetness said...

thanx leggy, nice huh?
yeah dats right, sometimes all you need is that one person, and it makes a difference
okay ill tell u how it goes

LadyX lol! okay thanx for making that clear, yeah i remember that story, yeah, i mean after all that ur such a happy person
oh yeah now i get where ur coming from

i think most cases are B and C

2cute4u said...

Really Nice.. Love your template too.. Really expressive pics..
please visit
Thank you..

Suru said...

I think the D&G and the burger one def deserved to be banned. About your friend I hope someone helps her. Cutting is one thing I never understood because it's like they're not doing it to die but to punish themselves in a way.

sweetness said...

2cute4u sure dearie i was on helpnigeria earlier today
ill definately be back

Suru, i honestly dont understand it too
is it to hurt themselves just so they feel like no one else can hurt them more or to punish themselves
yeah the burger ad especially

Thanx for dropping by guys

yankeenaijababe said...

good to have you blogging girl, I can imagine your busy schedule... I love this post. May God have his way on the Jos issues. I can imagine.

sweetness said...

YNB hey sweetie :) yeah its soo gud to be back, May God have his way on this Jos issue. amen

BSNC said...

i like the new design. lol those ads are not bad. Its really sad when i hear about suicide or suicide attempts.

How have you been?

sweetness said...

BSNC DEAR! ave been fab, its been a while, thanx am glad u like my new design, yeah its really sad, i pray it all turns out right tho

histreasure said...

i just love this's beautiful...

sad abt your friend..hope she finds a reason to live ona dn realise her dreams.

sweetness said...

aww thanxs histreasure
i hope she finds a reason too
and realises how special she is
thanx for dropping by

chayoma said...

u on twitter?
Definitely gonna follow u...... (reciprocate oh!)

i DON'T DO horror movies too... not even if u paid me ( unless u r ready to pay my psychologist, still....)
i love my mama die :)
My moods are like a rollercoaster i cld be happy one moment and sad the next.....
And trust.... that's quite a chore for me...

Oh i definitely stealing songs off ur playlist>>>


sweetness said...

yaay we have things in common :D
oh please steal as much songs as u want, i just sent u a tweet

doll said...

i remember the name of my nusery school teachers too...and i think i'l end up as a vegetarian

Myne Whitman said...

I also have a funny kind of memory, lol. Those were interesting tidbits about you and such a pity about your friends. Depression can be a terrible thing.

sweetness said...

doll for real... its pretty weird but cool
yes definately, am so en route to veggies x

myne whitman, i tink it has to do with our XX chromosome, lol thanx
depression kills
thanx for dropping by

neks2U said...

Wow I love the way you write, really wasnt expenting it to end that way. Keep it up!

gretel said...

we're so alike and i'm thinking you're my missing twin sister
my mum is my life,i love her to madness
can't sleep without her,heh,i'm not mummy's girl o???